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  1. So my cache drive is a 500 gig nvme that I have and I tried to add a sata ssd to my cache pool but its only showing me 500 gig still? should it not be 1 tb?
  2. This is good to know as I might move my RX 5700 into my server after I upgrade to something 30 series whenever I can. The 3060 might be my sweet spot.
  3. also as i understand it AMD cards generally are a little buggy with qemu and this stuff generally works better with Nvidia cards Maybe you should look at ditching the 550 and put something like a quadro in instead
  4. First of all I hate you for getting your hands on a video card like that second of all I am wondering if since its as new as it is that there are some drivers or kernel modules that simply don't exist yet that will make that difficult to use.
  5. I would suggest the intel 10100 then you don't need the gpu for anything you can just transcode with the igpu and quick sync. I put one on an asrock steel legend b460 board and it works great
  6. AH gotcha. All my Drives are connected to 9211 LSI HBAs with forward cables. I only use the onboard sata for the DVD drive i have in the server.
  7. Can it be set up to notify via sms?
  8. No not by email but I am at the dashboard for unraid all the time and I see them there
  9. I just bought a USB card that had an internal type connector to put my thumb drive inside my case. Keep my kid from grabbing it and none of my unraid stuff got jacked up
  10. What do you mean by be careful with connections?
  11. I use the preclear disks plugin to test drives before I put them in. Is there more than that I should do?
  12. Does High Water just fill in the way I am seeing where it fills a drive up to half then moves on to the next? I guess overall it doesn't really matter I mean eventually it will shake out i guess.
  13. So as I have added disks to the array they just sit with nothing on them. Is there a way to get unraid to move files around and keep the disks more or less equally full or do you just fill one to 50% then go to the next one?
  14. Just how necessary is 2 parity drives? I am using 2 but is that just overboard?