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  1. I did a Fix common problems scan just a minute ago and I got the same error. Looks like I'll just have to replace the bad stick.
  2. That is good to know thank you. I did find which DIMM slot in the BIOS event logs that was causing the error. However, I was getting a message about my CMOS battery dying so I changed that out. I'm no longer getting any memory read errors in BIOS event logs or Fix Common Problems. Has anyone seen a dying CMOS battery cause an issue like this before? Also, one of my system fans stopped working last night after I switched the fan speed in IPMI and then I lost control over fan speed setting altogether. That was fixed as well after I replaced the CMOS battery
  3. Thanks for the reply. FWIW, I ran a memtest overnight and all today so far with no errors (3 passes thus far). How many times does memtest need to pass successfully before I can reasonably conclude something? I've read different things. It also says it's running the test on only "socket 1". Cores active:1, 1 total. I have a dual CPUs. I guess there is an option somewhere to run it on the other socket?
  4. Hey folks, Getting an error that I've seen posted a few times on here regarding a hardware issue reported by fix common problems. Error seems to be memory related. Just wanted some more experienced eyes on it to confirm as I am new to server builds and UnRaid. Also, running a memtest now. Thanks in advance! unraid-diagnostics-20201016-2056.zip