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  1. Strange, I've got the same problem. Uninstalled and installed the Borg package but still the libffi.so.7 error. Used to work fine in 6.10 and previous nerdpack. Did you do anything other then installing Borg?
  2. Have the same in 6.9.2. I did a quick search and concluded it's the kernel used in 6.9.2. Reverted back to 6.9.1 and everything is ok. Now waiting for 6.10.0.
  3. Hi, I'm using a FUJITSU D3643-H1 motherboard with an extra Akasa AK-PCCM2P-02 card for the second SSD. Memory: Crucial RAM CT16G4DFD824A.
  4. i3-9100 16Gb 2 x 4Tb 2 x 1TB SSD 4 x USB (zWave, Zigbee, RFlink, smart-meter) 1 x USB boot device Active Dockers: Postgres MariaDB HomeAssistant PiHole MQTT Deconz OtMonitor DSMRreader Nextcloud 8.5W average
  5. Thanks for the tip! I ran the option: --auto-tune All seems fine after 16hrs. Current consumption at an average of 8.5W. Coming from Ubuntu where I had an average of 6.5W but that was without the samsung flash-drive and ConbeeII stick. I have more USB devices attached but those where already there under Ubuntu. I do suspect a rather high consumption from the Samsung 32 GB Bar Plus flash-drive. After switching to this drive from a Kingston one during the Unraid trial period, consumption rose by 1W.