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  1. Thanks for the info, however I'd like to keep lowCurrentSpinup enabled. Hopefully the next update will solve this issue (which didn't exist in the previous version). Until then I'll fall back to 6.9.1 again, and set the priority of this issue to minor.
  2. Hi, After upgrading from 6.9.1, I get read errors on my array. I've upgraded the first day the new version was released, and had the same issue, I performed a fallback, and it solved the problem, array went back to normal.
  3. I had this error when I upgraded to 6.9.2 from 6.9.1. It seems that the spin up wasn't working properly and I got lots of read errors. I've performed a fallback, and it solved my problem.
  4. Thanks for the quick update, I'm on the most recent bios version, I'll connect my SSDs via the HBA then.
  5. Symptoms: Some of the docker containers just stop, others don't work, on the VM tab there are no VMs defined. This has happened twice in a month, I'm not sure what triggers it. Fix common problems says that it can't write to the docker file, and my VM/docker pool is full or is mounted as read only. After restart all goes back to normal. I've checked, there is 40% free space on the pool, and docker has 13GB left. Sidenote: updated yesterday to 6.9.2, but I got write errors on my array, so reverted, forgot to save the diagnostics for that, no problems with
  6. So, I've tried averything I could think of. There was a new Jackett version available, so I upgraded it. I installed a clean version, still couldn't connect to DelugeVPN or Jackett... Any ideas what I should try? Update: I've turned the proxy off, and now I can connect without any issues. I don't know why doesn't it work, it ahd no issues in the past, I'll check tomorrow.
  7. Good point, I had problems with a previous version of DelugeVPN, could've forgotten to set the privoxy. Checked it, and Privoxy is enabled and configured in every container. Jackett can connect to the indexers without any issues through Deluge.
  8. I've some issues with the Radarr and Sonarr. All connection to Jackett and DelugeVPN fails: The connections to Plex and Slack are working. Tried to downgrade Radarr back to the previous version, but when startiing it's stuck on the logon screen. Upgraded Sonarr to V3, same connection issues. Couldn't find any errors in the logs.
  9. My original error from yesterday was: Options error: --proto tcp is ambiguous in this context. Please specify --proto tcp-server or --proto tcp-client I've installed the latest version, now I get the following error: ERROR: Cannot ioctl TUNSETIFF tun: Operation not permitted (errno=1) Turned VPN off, installed sudo, tried the VPN from terminal, with # sudo openpn --config my_vpn.ovpn ERROR: Cannot open TUN/TAP dev /dev/net/tun: No such file or directory (errno=2) It's totally possible, that I messed up, since I don't speak linux.
  10. Hi, Same problem here with Express VPN. Tried other locations, redownloaded the certificates, tried to reconfigure, restored from a backup, nothing worked. Adding --proto udp doesn't seem to be working, since i still get the TCP error, when adding --proto tcp-client, i get another error, that fragments can only be used with udp.