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  1. That was it. I thought I had to change both Container and Host ports. It works perfect now. Appreciate the help. Thank you very much!!
  2. Nope, just says site can’t be reached. I’ve forwarded the ports. Must be something I’m missing.
  3. Thanks! That helped. But, now my new issue is I can't connect to the new server using Web UI. Original server is 19132, 19133, 8222.. and the new one is 19134, 19135, 8223. I am able to connect to both servers, but when using Web UI, they both go to 8222, the original server. I can't connect to the new one. I tried changing Host Path 5 to 8221 to try it and no dice.
  4. Is it possible to set up a second Minecraft Bedrock server? I looked at the Apps section and when I bring up binhex minecraftbedrockserver, it only allows me to Edit the one I currently have installed. I'd like to set up a second one on a different port. Thanks.
  5. I've been running a bedrock server for a couple of months now. No real big issues. But, in the console, I don't get any timestamps of when users log in and out. All I see is [INFO] Player connected: xxxxxx, xuid: xxxxxxx. If I recall, when I ran it out of my Windows machine, it showed the timestamp and then player info. Is there any way to get the time to show? Thanks!
  6. I used to run a Bedrock server in Windows 10 and in the console, it would show the time of when users logged in and out. But, in this one, all it says is [INFO]. Is there something I need to configure to make it show up?
  7. I'm fairly new to Unraid and dockers in general. I had had a Minecraft Bedrock server set up on a Windows 10 machine that was accessible by my kids and their friends. Now, I'm trying to get it set up in Unraid. Two things. First, I've added the Docker and started it. I can access it from my own LAN. So, it's running. What I'm trying to do now is how do I get access to a console? In Win10, I could use all the commands (list, whitelist, etc), but not sure where to find that in Unraid. When I click on Minecraft and pick WebUI, it asks for a username/password that I can never get past. When I select console, none of the commands work in there. I figure I have to do something before using commands. Second, to have my kids friends connect to it, would it simply be forwarding a port to the server? Would what I have set up for the Win10 server work? Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I'm quite new to home servers and was wondering how people set up their home servers. Currently, I have a PC in the office where I use photoshop and run my Plex server. I also have a second gaming PC that my kids and I share their own accounts set up. When we share files, I made a drive that is shared by all of us so we can send files to one another. I'm now building an Unraid server which I will move my Plex server over to. And i'd like a more robust file sharing set up. What dockers would I use? I'm thinking Nextcloud would fill the bill (although I have to figure out how to use it). What I'm looking for is how everyone here sets it up. Thanks!