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    Best VPN?

    Thank you for this. It had been so long since I had setup OpenVPN that I had not remembered forwarding that port. My router rarely gets updates anymore from Asus. I wonder how secure OpenVPN would be from the router? Do you see Wiregaurd as the most formidable setup for Unraid?
  2. patm95

    Best VPN?

    Hi all. I was just wondering what the consensus was for the best VPN to use for remote access to files and such? Currently I use OpenVPN. Although it still works, it seems like the docker is no longer supported. I was wondering what everyone else uses? Are most people using wireguard? I see that my Asus router has OpenVPN which can be enabled on it. Is that a good option? I see wireguard requires a port forwarding on the router. I've always heard that this lives you vulnerable to attacks? Thank you.
  3. Thank you. Turns out that openvpn did have a problem, but I don't think its the root cause. If this pops up again where other parts of the server go down I'll be sure to post diagnostics.
  4. Thanks I was not familiar with the diagnostics feature. I hadn't seen anything on the logs. I have attached the diagnostics. Currently, everything seems to be working fine except for the OpenVPN. If more starts to fail, I can reupload the diagnostics.
  5. Hi all. Have had some strange things happening with my server last couple of days. Randomly dockers will stop working. Or my VM may not work. Or can't access the UI or any files. Reboot always fixes, but symptoms seem to be different. Currently everything seems to be working except openvpn. Any idea what would cause this? The flash drive is about 10 years old. Could it be failing?
  6. I got the RDP working. However, I was not able to connect with SSH to unraid. I can connect via Putty. Anyone else have an issue?
  7. Great vid. Is there a way to use RDP without using a password protected account? Also is there a way where the user at the remote PC can see you control the pc in real time? When I got it to work the remote pc would go into a login type screen whenever I was logged on. Then when I was done the user had to log back in. Even if it was the same account. If end user at remote pc could see me work, it would help in troubleshooting. Thank you.
  8. I think she deleted the whole folder in appdata. Then when you restart the container, it will basically redownload everything. I was getting a similar issue when I upgraded to Nextcloud 20 and that seemed to help me.
  9. Thanks for responding. I just now saw your reply. I tried it with privileged mode both on and off, but still the same thing. It was working fine when I first installed it.
  10. Hello all. MakeMKV is not recognizing my DVD drive. It has been working well in the past and the log says that it has found my drive. However when I open the GUI, it says that it has found no optical drives?
  11. So I completely recreated it and now it seems to be working by pasting in the old XML and copying back over the vdisk.....
  12. I tried that and got this error internal error: malformed uuid element
  13. Hi all. I tried to restore my xml from a backup and am now getting this error when booting VM: operation failed: unable to find any master var store for loader: /usr/share/qemu/ovmf-x64/OVMF_CODE-pure-efi.fd Any ideas?
  14. I get a SSL error when trying to use the iphone app. I setup as instructed here with LetsEncrypt. Am I missing something?
  15. Glad to hear it Maggi. I just now saw your post. Glad you figured it out. I don't think I would have. Great work!
  16. patm95

    Chrome OS

    I did this, but everytime I restart the VM, it's like I've never ran it. I have to reregister and download all of my apps again. Do you experience this as well?
  17. Hi all. I recently upgraded my server. All new hardware. New cache pool. I backed up old appdata and restored on new cache drive. All of my dockers are working except for this one. I can not access the webui at all. I get this recurring error in the log file. /usr/local/openvpn_as/scripts/openvpnas: No such file or directory I changed the mnt/user to mnt/cache as suggested in a previous post but still not working. It was working perfectly before I migrated everything to the new server.
  18. I've never used that docker before. I would assume they would have to be in there somewhere though. I know it is not the .pem files though. They will be specifically cert.crt and cert.key .
  19. Did you copy the cert files as mentioned above?
  20. Good question about #1. Idk to be honest. This was the only way I could get it to work. Worst case, maybe we update the certs ever so often. I've never had a problem yet. For #2, no I use 443 on mine and it works fine. Container port is the same for both dockers.
  21. Been using Unraid for a long time and what I like most is it's versatility. When I first started, it was basically just used for storage. But now you can use it for so much more with dockers and VMs. One thing that would be nice is a native backup solution. Whether it be off site, or to another server.
  22. I had always thought we were supposed to update an application outside of the docker. Thank you!