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  1. I'm glad to hear that it works. You can change back to the latest image now (mitchtalmadge/amp-dockerized) as I have pushed this patch to latest. Thanks!
  2. Hello, if everyone experiencing the web UI problems could try out the following image, I think it will solve your problem: mitchtalmadge/amp-dockerized:staging-startonboot @xXMrZombie20Xx @CorneliousJD @synnc Thanks!
  3. It looks like the StartOnBoot command syntax changed. I'll need to find a workaround
  4. I don't know what SWAG is, but the way I did this with my Apache server was to make an HTTP proxy from "/" on "" to "http://localhost:8080/". You would probably want to look into something similar. Hopefully this helps you along the right path.
  5. Sorry that I haven't been much help, I don't actually use Unraid so a lot of the config sections are unfamiliar to me. I would start by doing one single port instead of a range of ports, and see if that works. Doesn't Valheim use port 2456 or something? Are you sure it's running on 10000? I would go into the Valheim instance and check the config sections there. The Valheim logs might also hint to what port it is listening on.
  6. I have just released a new version of this container, please update and let me know if it solves your issue. Thank you!
  7. Can you check for UnRAID updates? There are lots of people talking about this problem over in this forum for a different Minecraft container: It seems to be pretty widespread among UnRAID.
  8. Thank you for the report! Multiple people are running into this: It looks like it's limited to Minecraft 1.17 so I am trying to figure out why it suddenly stopped working. All other Minecraft versions seem to work fine. I'm trying to find a solution but please let me know if anyone finds anything. I appreciate any help.
  9. Go to the Java settings in that AMP instance and try switching to Java 16
  10. I don't know anything about Krusader but this line from your logs tells me Java doesn't have all the permissions it needs to run the server: java.nio.file.FileSystemException: .: Operation not permitted I'm not sure how it happened, maybe you're onto something with your Krusader research, but I would suggest restarting the Docker image/container. I have built in a startup script that fixes all file permissions on startup which may allow you to run the server.
  11. I just created a brand new install and immediately created and started a Minecraft server without problems. Can you check the console for errors and also check what the Java section is showing you? Also are you using a normal AMP key or an old McMyAdmin key out of curiosity? (If you don't know then it's probably a normal key) Thanks!
  12. I recently added Java 16 to this image so maybe something went wrong. Thanks for the report! I will investigate.
  13. Try clearing your browser cache. I remember that being a problem that they spoke about in the CubeCoders Discord. Let me know if that doesn't work
  14. Thanks for the report! I was able to re-produce it. It looks like CubeCoders released an update which caused this problem, then fixed it later in the day but kept it under the same version number. Because of this my build script had no way of knowing it needed to re-download the update. I've forced some new builds; please pull the image again and the fixed version will be applied on next boot. Let me know if this solves the problem. It did for me.
  15. Sorry for the trouble fellas! I'll look into the builds and see why they're failing as soon as I gather some free time.
  16. Yeah they are kinda jerks when it comes to helping Docker / Unraid users. They don't care what the problem is, the moment they hear Unraid they stop listening. Oh well. We have been pretty good at solving the problems on our own. Glad it worked!
  17. I just looked in the discord for this error and someone suggests stopping AMP, go to genericmodule.kvp (inside Valheim instance dir), edit it, and change "UpdateSource":1,"UpdateSourceData":"" to "UpdateSource":4,"UpdateSourceData":"896660" Hopefully this works
  18. Weird, I've never had the defaults not work. Wild suggestion but check for trailing spaces on the username or password. Maybe one snuck in there. Alternatively try recreating the image. Sorry for the trouble, I'll do my best to help you get this working!
  19. So to clarify -- you can connect to the minecraft server manually by putting in the IP and port, but on the server page it won't automatically find the server? If this is the situation you find yourself in, the reason is what I said about multicast. It's not an AMP limitation, but a Docker limitation. AMP is capable of multicast, but Docker is not in its default configuration. To give you some context, multicast is one of three ways that clients communicate with each other. There is unicast, where one computer talks directly to another computer; there is broadcast, where one computer sends a message to all other computers in the network, and multicast where one computer sends a message to one or more computers, depending on who subscribes to hear about it. In this case, the Minecraft client detects servers by subscribing to a multicast channel where all the servers will send "I am available" messages. The problem is that Docker is a containerization service that puts the image inside its own private network, and multicast channels are a network-private concept. So the clients are technically on a separate network from the server, as if the server was on your friend's computer at their house. The way to get around this is by using host networking as I linked to in my previous post. This eliminates the private network and runs the server on the same network as your unraid machine, so multicast should work again. I suggest trying that if you really need server discovery. I've never tried it with this image but I think it should be fine.
  20. Auto discovery of LAN servers is accomplished through Multicast which as far as I can tell is not supported by docker unless you use host networking, however I have never tried this and I'm not sure what consequences it could have. Basically with host networking, network configurations made by AMP inside the container will actually be applied to your host system, so AMP could potentially mess things up and in the worst case even make it so you can't access your server remotely anymore. But there's a chance it could work perfectly. I can't say for sure what will happen.
  21. You said port 25349 but the first screenshot shows that you are using port 25348. Perhaps that's the problem?
  22. Aw thanks both of you! You really don't have to donate, I am just happy that people are enjoying the container If you feel compelled, I really do appreciate it. Here is the link: Thank you so much for using the container!
  23. Looks like I was mistaken, the container has been defaulting to Etc/UTC. You can now set a timezone with the TZ environment variable (@CorneliousJD I don't know if you need to add something to the Unraid config or something here, I assume you know what to do ) on the latest build. This build will be available sometime within the next hour at the time of writing, as it's currently being built. See the README for info on how to use the TZ variable. Enjoy!
  24. The container should default to the same timezone as your host system. I'm not too familiar with Unraid so I don't know how to check your Unraid timezone, but that might be something to check. However, it would be pretty easy to add a TZ variable to the container, so I will do that anyway