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  1. Hello, I am trying to let my system shutdown in the evening usind the Dynamix S3 Sleep plugin. My problem is, that if I have "wait for array inactivity" turned on, it wont work. I suspect it has to do with me not having a cache drive and small everyday operations keeping some of the drives from spinning down. That in itself wouldn't be a problem for me as those operations don't really care if the system shuts down, but in the case of for example a parity check I think it wouldn't be very good for the system to shut down. Is there a good fix for this? (Diagnostics zip attached) nas-diagnostics-20201206-1949.zip
  2. What is the advantage compared to just add it normaly by mapping a network drive through windows?
  3. The server works and runs fine, but I can't find it in the router devices list. I am trying to set the Ip to static, but because of this it doesn't work. It is connected through a network switch, but that shouldn't cause the problem, right?