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  1. Hi, Can someone help me setup two instances of this in docker? I already have them running but instance 2 is using the config file of instance 1 even though the appdata paths are set correctly. I think something might be hard coded somewhere? Below is the Unraid side - I want it to use the config file in /mnt/user/appdata/trex-miner-hayden/ but instead it seems to be using /mnt/user/appdata/trex-miner/ which is the first instance. Any ideas?
  2. Hi Guys, Hoping someone can help. I'm running Ombi on Docker (Synology NAS). I was able to install and run v3 without a problem but when I wanted to try the v4 (v4-preview) I get the following error at the bottom of the logs: We are running on http://*:3579,, i, System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file '/opt/ombi/Swagger.xml'., File name: '/opt/ombi/Swagger.xml', I have tried deleting and starting from scratch but no joy. Any ideas for me to try?