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  1. My Plex Docker has dissapeared. Has been running fine ever since I set it up about 3 months ago. We watch movies/shows/etc every day since it was installed. Just opened plex on our TV and it says our server is not found. Went and checked Unraid and the Plex Docker is gone The Plex-Media-Server files are still in the appdata folder and I have a backups of the appdata folder each night. Should I just re-install the Plex Docker again ? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have installed Photoprism on Unraid using the Photoprism Docker. How can I add more folders of photos to the indexed, the photoprism instructions say to add subfolders but I dont know how to do that via the docker. Do you have a detailed tutorial of how to change over to MariaDb, I already have it installed when I installed Nextcloud but dont know how to set it up with Photoprism. Thanks Gary