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  1. oh ... I was convinced that I read that it was mandatory ... my fault... thank you so much! now works!
  2. Can't figure what I miss... I got to do something with mongoDB docker, or just install? MongoDB: wekanteam \ Wekan Wekan LOG: can somebody help me? thanks!
  3. I don't know why doesn't work first time... but the way I think is:
  4. I can't understand (and I really don't find) how to keep a "empty" container running... in the specific I try to use "ubuntu" from Docker Hub. in CA with Docker Hub results option on enabled: I search "Ubuntu" and select the first one (from Docker Hub)... the basic ubuntu image... if I click on START and after a few seconds come back to STOPPED. How to keep it running? I know it's normal that an empty container end immediatly... but on "normal" docker I use this to attach to bash and keep it running: docker run -it ubuntu /bin/bash
  5. I already try this script but notting happened... the difference between me and the video, is that I have only one single GPU. And when VM stop, the problem is not relaunch the VM, but I want to give GPU back to Unraid interface... thanks!
  6. I have a Motherboard without video port (Asus P6T ATX LGA1366) and I successfully made a "GPU passthrough" with a Radeon HD 4890 for a Windows10 VM. When the VM start the screen pass from Unraid text mode to the VM Windows screen. But when I stop VM once, the screen remain black, and I can't use it neither for Unraid nor for the VM. How can I get back normal use for the GPU/monitor? Is it possible? Thanks