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  1. Yeah no kidding! No idea what was going on but I appreciate the help!
  2. So I did the reboot and it looks like persistenced is off but its still transcoding fine
  3. I have it working now. It didnt work on the first attempt though, I checked my plugins and there was an error with gpu statistics, deleted the error, updated all plugins, restarted docker, and now Plex and Jellyfin are working with persistence mode enabled. Is it possible an outdated plugin could have caused the problem?
  4. On the latest BIOS now and nothing has changed, update was done through the BIOS with a monitor connected to the GPU directly Jellyfin giving the same error if HW Transcoding is enabled and Plex is ignoring the GPU.
  5. Currently no monitor is attached and VMs are disabled
  6. I will check out the BIOS later today and see if I can get that updated. As far as the monitor goes it will be detected on boot and load into the boot gui and all, and will also passthrough to a VM and work fine.
  7. No custom Kernel The only BIOS updates for this board recently were to add support for the Zen3 architecture and I believe it was beta? Im not quite sure but I will have to verify/update the BIOS at a later time New Config
  8. The behavior didn't change checking all the boxes either. Tried that driver previously and rebooted before and after installing the plugin and driver, also disabled/enabled the docker. I honestly have no idea if this GPU had a power connector, its been in the server for a year now and worked perfect previously. If there was a connector it has to be connected, I used to use it to play games in a VM and it never struggled I've actually had this problem ever since the previous plugin stopped receiving updates, when there were Nvidia versions of the beta.
  9. Sorry misread that part. So with this one the videos either do the same thing, wont use the GPU, or I get this playback error GPU seems to still be detected
  10. Just installed binhex-jellyfin to test and same behavior Added the variables, enabled HW transcoding in the settings, CPU still doing all the transcoding Card never leaves the P0 power state
  11. NVIDIA Corporation TU116 [GeForce GTX 1660] I've attempted 1080p > 720p with h.264 and h.265, 4k > 1080p, all were .mp4 and .mkv Movies, TV shows, ignores the GPU every time
  12. I am using the linuxserver's Repository, I attempted with official and benhex and both had the same behavior. Both the variable and the extra parameters have been set multiple times. No extra spaces or typos
  13. I have a problem with the GPU being detected in nvidia-smi but no matter how many times I try to set it up Plex refuses to use the GPU to transcode. Works fine in VMs, nothing is binded, nothing is changed in syslinux config, Ive attempted every other driver. Everything worked fine until the old plugin stopped being supported. Im also on the latest version of unraid. I have to be doing something wrong
  14. After updating to V3 I cannot add my download client, did not change anything, same as my sonarr setup, it refuses to detect the client on the same machine