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  1. Ive set everything up as suggested in the faq, added 8080 to vpn outputs, the *arrs to vpn inputs and tried multiple combinations to test. I can access the UIs no problem and they connect through the vpn ip no problem, But the *arrs just cant communicate with sab and keep timing out. I cant work out why. Ive tried with priv enabled and disabled from the sab config, ive tried with proxy ticked and unticked in the settings of the *arr UIs. No difference. Very stumped here. Edit: Realised that the default lan network needed changing in the sabnzbvpn config all working now
  2. No, as far as I can tell no it does not. After entering your UnRaid IP into the ignored field after testing that they connect to sab successfully I then open up a console from the Sonar/Radar docker containers and using this command $ curl ifconfig.io reveals your public ip address. Sab is still behind the proxy tho. UPDATE - This worked for Radarr only, when I tried adding the ports for Sonarr my sab container failed and radarr and sonarr got stuck in a constant rebuild loop, my sab container turned into an orphan image, I resolved this by re installing the docker image fo
  3. Thanks for the reply Ive tried "disable_startup_check: true" but seems to come up with the same errors. Ill try a few more things then ill re do it all over from the start. I have 1 more question. How else are people editing their config files?, because of the permissions I cant edit it within app data, All I can do is edit a file on my machine then copy over the file using the config edit app plugin. Which is also most annoying. Edit: 10/12/20 - 02:00am: Mananged to get it working by starting the config conf file from scratch, might of been a space some
  4. Could a mod maybe move this to the docker support section if relevant?
  5. Can anyone shed some light on this? Otherwise I think ill have to start again from scratch. Heres what ive done/noticed so far: 1. Copied your config and pasted over the one created and continued to follow the instructions. 2. At this part I wasn't sure if I had to literally type in 'YOURPASSWORD' or replace it with one of the 128bit keys or a normal txt password, So i used a 128b key. 3. When trying to start up I keep getting these errors which seem to relate to smtp which I do not have setup yet?: 4. Commented out smtp part of the config and set up
  6. Hi, I want to be able to assign a hostname to some of my containers and access them from lan using http://jellyfin, http://ombi for example. I have tried adding --hostname jellyfin to the extra parameter field and -h jellyfin. But neither of those seem to work. I also tried docker run --hostname jellyfin in the extra params field but the container would not start stating an error such as "lookup docker on no such host" I have searched the forums already and found no adequate answers. I wonder if you kind folks could help me and tell me where im going w