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  1. I switched to linuxserver/sonarr:develop and retained my v3 settings from the preview tag I was using earlier. This information didn't seem accurate to me... ...because, at least on my unRaid server, latest still installed a v2 build.
  2. Thanks to ich777 for taking time out of his day to do some troubleshooting on my issue. Turns out, this behavior (Nvidia transcoding processes terminating when changing playback quality from inside the Web Player) is consistent across multiple client browsers and server platforms -- including Windows. This indicates that it's a Web Player issue, and has nothing to do with the Nvidia Drivers plugin. All other clients are playing just fine. I created a ticket on the Plex Forum to report this issue, which has been experienced by others. Thanks again to ich777 for his help! The plugin is working great.
  3. My server doesn't run any pre-roll; if this is the field you're talking about, it's clear:
  4. Yes; direct play works fine, as does software transcode. The P2000 is new, so it's possible there's a hardware problem with the card itself. How would I test that?
  5. Trying with plexinc/pms-docker -- no dice, same problem. I started a direct stream, then changed playback to 720p to force a transcode. Plex Dashboard doesn't seem to recognize the resolution change, and the playback hangs at a black screen before eventually timing out. Official Plex Media docker settings: EDIT: I've managed to get it to attempt to use hardware acceleration, but it still hangs on a black screen. Here's the specific timeout error:
  6. I will try that. Have tried both the Linuxserver and Binhex-Plexpass containers so far; same issue. I'll try plexinc/pms-docker and report back.
  7. Running into errors trying to transcode with Linuxserver Plex container, unRAID 6.9.0-rc2, and an Nvidia p2000. When transcoding via Hardware using Plex, the stream will hang on a black screen until timing out. Have rebooted multiple times; enabled, disabled, and re-enabled hardware transcode in Plex; all containers are updated to latest versions. The GPU also doesn't show up in the Dashboard tab, though I'm unsure if it's supposed to.
  8. Also ran across this myself while migrating a lot of data to a new array. A bit frustrating -- really slows the migration process -- but at least I understand what's happening now. Thanks for the information!