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  1. Hello, I'm having a funny issue where the WordPress docker container always wants to update even though there is no update available. This happens when I'm looking under Apps -> Installed Apps but not when I'm looking under Docker in Unraid.
  2. Thanks for the reply! One thing I just noticed is that the dockers that are appearing under "previous apps" even though they are still installed are all ones that come from official dockerhub repos with an underscore in the url. For example, or In fact, I edited my my-whatever.xml file to include "library/" in the <repository> tag and it solved the problem! It now shows up under "installed apps" like it should! Definitely seems like a bug, but perhaps that will help narrow it down. The one in particular that was giving me incorrect metadata was To reproduce: try installing php and httpd from dockerhub through CA, and try installing WordPress (the one that shows up when you search WordPress in CA). See if they show up under "installed apps" or "previous apps" and see what metadata appears. Then try adding "library/" to my-php.xml and see how that changes the result.
  3. I'm having an issue with CA when I try to add my own docker container. I added a container from a blank template. When I do this, CA adds an item to "previous apps" even though the app is still installed, and with incorrect metadata. (Snipped because this was mostly not helpful information. I do think I narrowed it down a bit though. See my next post below)
  4. As I was looking at using this plugin, it gave me a warning about many files that are owned by a user other than "nobody". I looked into it and discovered that all the files I've added to my array from my Windows machine is owned by the username of my unraid user that I used to log in to the share via smb... Have I configured something incorrectly? Should everything be owned by nobody?
  5. Thanks for the comments! I ended up going with option 3. I moved the disk I plan to replace to an unsecure (but flat) location in the case so the array can keep running. I don't have any big plans for that disk so it doesn't matter if it runs for a while in a less-than-ideal location. Then I was able to put the new disk in its bay and begin preclearing it while the array continues running. Then I should be able to do my parity swap and take the old drive from its shelf once it's decommissioned. All with fairly little downtime! Neat!
  6. Hello, I'm about to perform my first upgrade since building my unraid server. I'm going to have to do a parity swap because my new drive is bigger than my current parity drive. Hope I don't screw up! I read that you're supposed to preclear a new drive before adding it to the array. The issue I have is that my server only has four drive bays, and they're all full. And I don't really want to take my array offline for the many, many hours a preclearance might take. What would you suggest? Option 1: Skip the preclear. Is this ill-advised? My new drive is a brand new WD Red Pro, so I'm inclined to trust it. But those sound like famous last words lol. How often do infant mortalities happen in NAS drives? Option 2: Preclear in Windows (or a VM). I have a spare bay in my desktop PC. Is this an option? Option 3: Preclear in unraid with the new drive (or potentially the old one) hanging bayless out the side of the server. This seems likely to CAUSE a mechanical failure lol... Option 4: ? ? ? Something else? What would you do? Thanks so much in advance for your ideas and opinions!
  7. Oh... /facepalm Thanks lol I wonder why that option had a checkbox. I had to unselect acknowledge to get the thumbs up. Maybe just having the button without a checkbox, or at least having the checkbox clear and selecting the option would be more intuitive. Or maybe it was just a bit of a glitch on my end.
  8. Hello, I'm new to Unraid so I hope you'll excuse me if this is a dumb question. I just put my disks in my machine and built my array. Almost right away, I got a notification that one of my disks has UDMA CRC error count: 1. From the research I've done online, this is apparently not a big deal at all unless the error count continues going up. So far, it hasn't. However, on the Unraid dashboard, I'm still getting a yellow thumbs down for that disk's SMART status. I know I can't reset the UDMA CRC error count and I don't want to. But will that SMART status change to thumbs up eventually if the error count stays at 1? I want to be able to easily notice if the error count increases or if some other error occurs. I haven't started using the array yet. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks so much in advance!