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  1. Thanks, today my drive got kicked from the array and I have to rebuild it. When I was following your guide I noticed something: EPC was already disabled, so this might indicate disabling the low currentt spinup is indeed required. Don´t know if it helps spotting something, this is my drive information. /dev/sg4 - ST8000VN004-2M2101 - *hidden* - ATA Model Number: ST8000VN004-2M2101 Serial Number: *hidden* Firmware Revision: SC60 World Wide Name: 5000C500CF63B876 Drive Capacity (TB/TiB): 8.00/7.28 Native Drive Capacity (TB/TiB): 8.00/7.28 Temperature Data: Current Temperature (C): 34 Highest Temperature (C): 59 Lowest Temperature (C): 19 Power On Time: 224 days 17 hours Power On Hours: 5393.00 MaxLBA: 15628053167 Native MaxLBA: 15628053167 Logical Sector Size (B): 512 Physical Sector Size (B): 4096 Sector Alignment: 0 Rotation Rate (RPM): 7200 Form Factor: 3.5" Last DST information: Time since last DST (hours): 3869.00 DST Status/Result: 0x0 DST Test run: 0x1 Long Drive Self Test Time: 12 hours 30 minutes Interface speed: Max Speed (Gb/s): 6.0 Negotiated Speed (Gb/s): 6.0 Annualized Workload Rate (TB/yr): 308.52 Total Bytes Read (TB): 150.15 Total Bytes Written (TB): 39.79 Encryption Support: Not Supported Cache Size (MiB): 256.00 Read Look-Ahead: Enabled Write Cache: Enabled Low Current Spinup: Ultra Low Enabled SMART Status: Unknown or Not Supported ATA Security Information: Supported Firmware Download Support: Full, Segmented, Deferred Specifications Supported: ACS-4 ACS-3 ACS-2 ATA8-ACS ATA/ATAPI-7 ATA/ATAPI-6 ATA/ATAPI-5 SATA 3.3 SATA 3.2 SATA 3.1 SATA 3.0 SATA 2.6 SATA 2.5 SATA II: Extensions SATA 1.0a ATA8-AST Features Supported: Sanitize SATA NCQ SATA Rebuild Assist SATA Software Settings Preservation [Enabled] SATA Device Initiated Power Management Power Management Security SMART [Enabled] 48bit Address PUIS GPL Streaming SMART Self-Test SMART Error Logging Write-Read-Verify DSN AMAC EPC Sense Data Reporting SCT Write Same SCT Error Recovery Control SCT Feature Control SCT Data Tables Host Logging Set Sector Configuration Seagate In Drive Diagnostics (IDD) Adapter Information: Vendor ID: 1000h Product ID: 0072h Revision: 0003h
  2. Thanks for the work, but I need your advice if I am affected since I have slightly different symptoms. I have one ST8000VN004 drive and an LSI SAS 2008 controller with newest it mode firmware (at least it was in august). Μy problem is I have read errors on that 8tb ironwolf, only read errors. The drive does not get disabled, but the counter is increasing. The read Errors started about a week ago. I had the 6.9 beta since about november and no problems, except for one time where the exact same disk had a lot of errors which was probably due to a plug not fully inserted after adding a new drive. That time I had many UDMA CRC errors in smart which did not increase since i reseated the cable so this is probably not related(?). Shall I go ahead and apply this fix or do you guys think it´s unrelated? Logs attached. unraid-nick-diagnostics-20210416-0104.zip
  3. Forgot to mention: before I updated to 6.9.0, I went with the betas and both RCs since about december. No other problems occured. HW-information: LSISAS2008: FWVersion( disk ATA ST8000VN004-2M21 SC60 /dev/sde 8.00TB In case you want the full logs now, tell me. Hope I remember to send them in a few weeks if not.
  4. I have one ST8000VN004 on a LSI SAS2008 which dropped out due to read errors, this was about two days after I upgraded to 6.9.0 and right after I changed fans. I assumed a bad connection, reseated the indeed not fully inserted plug and everything runs fine again. Still on 6.9.0, how can I help?
  5. It is possible that I cut off the power to the server while restarting the ups (not sure if it cuts the power or just the battery when doing so). The UPS is still not communicating with unraid, but i have to wait till i get an replacement cable.
  6. Thanks, I amalways booting from USB 2 and since I do regular backups I did not make a new one off an possibly corrupt stick. Checkdisk run without finding errors but it did the trick, everything is back to normal except for the ups, but this could be caused by an broken cable. Should I keep an eye open to something special? Thanks and have a nice day. Nick
  7. Hi, I have several problems since about 24 hours. Yesterday I got a notification saying my UPS got disconnected (the USB connection). I switched the port and rebooted booth, my server and the UPS. The UPS remained disconnected, but I noticed a red warning stating "missing key file". After digging around and doing another reboot I found quite some problems: -UPS disconnected -Boot Device: green icon but empty and available in unassigned devices -Cache drive missing (no warning, it just doesn´t show up and does not seem to be used (dockers, system and plex metadata sit here) -Docker service not running, but plex and tautulli just work fine (can´t activate it) -all plugins have version and status "unknown" and are not executable -in the bottom line "starting services" is blinking -can´t update Unraid OS -WebUI is now light instead of dark (can´t change it) the only things I changed since 6.9.0-rc1 was released are updating dockers and moving the server about 1m (powered off for moving it and double checked every usb cable is in the exact same spot like before). I have no clue where to start investigating further since many problems could be caused by each other for example: is cache not there because of the missing license or is the license missing because of problems with flash and so on. Diagnostics attached. Hope you can help me out. Nick My System: Unraid OS 6.9.0-rc1 Unraid Plus license CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 MB: ASRock 970 Extreme 4 GPU: NVIDIA 1050Ti RAM: 8GB non ECC DDR3 Flash: SanDisk Cruzer Blade 16GB Cache: Crucial MX500 500GB HDDs: 3x shucked WD WHITE 12TB (two of them are parity) 1x Seagate Ironwolf 8TB 1x Seagate Ironwolf 4TB 1x WD Green 3TB Dockers: -Plex -Unifi Controller -Tautulli -Krusader (only running occasionally) -ddclient -tonido unraid-nick-diagnostics-20201220-2009.zip