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  1. Thanks. I have AMD GPUs and notice the REST bug is fixed in 6.10. Just have my hopes up that it will be released soon.
  2. Hi. Any update on when 6.10 will be released?
  3. I realized I haven't updated this post. Long story short, the problem with all my hardware issues was related to a faulty cable connecting the power supply to the motherboard.
  4. Still occurs in 6.9.2; I experienced this today from 4am - 9am.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I've stripped the server of all PCIe cards and am testing each component. Since the error happens within 2 days, it will take me a week or so to completely check each card.
  6. I recently built a new server (2x Xeon 6318T on an Asus WS C621E Sage with 128GB Ram). Unraid boots and seems to be functioning. However, after a few hours or sometimes 1 day, I get the following error before Unraid hangs. kernel:NMI: PCI system error (SERR) for reason a0 on CPU 0 kernel:Dazed and confused, but trying to continue I have not installed the GPUs at the moment; Still using the onboard video while I burn in motherboard, NICs and Asus Hyper M.2 X16 card (4x NVMe storage). Has anyone come across this kernel panic and know how to resolve it? I doubt it's caused by the onboard video. I'll pull the Intel X540-T2 10Gb NIC out and see if that helps - the problem started when I added that card.
  7. Just an update - I left the unit running and the fans will come on. However, it keeps the temperature around 50 - 51 degrees Celsius.
  8. I have connected the 6418AS to my UnRaid 6.9.2 server with a 4522 Raid Controller and am having the same issue. The fans will not turn on and UnRaid is alerting the drives are hot. Did you resolve your issue and how? I'm running the disks as JBOD but do we need to install the raid card management software to enable the fans?