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  1. Finally getting time to mess with this again. The Display listed was the QEMU display adapter, not the actual monitor itself. Turns out I just needed to update OpenCore and drop a newer version of the files into the Bootloader. It has restored my ability to use external monitors. Thanks for chiming in though! 😀
  2. Any luck on this? I chose the same MSI card as the poster above as it is listed as supported by Apple directly in an article that was last updated yesterday! I am having no luck getting the display to light up upon moving up to Monterey, worked fine in Big Sur. It's detected as a Metal supported GPU if I go into the VM via TeamViewer. Also works to accelerate iOS simulators just fine, proving it is actually using the GPU to accelerate. Makes no sense, just no display. Same as the other folks, it will show the BIOS and Apple logo until about halfway and then shut off. Has to be a bug on Apple's side. I've seen others complaining about external displays on Monterey on native Apple machines. I have an M1 Max on Monterey that works fine with the same display though.
  3. That's what I figured. I noticed other people have more substantial logging for their MCE errors than what I'm getting back. The reason I asked is because after installing the mce package, and getting the MCE to happen, it just spits out something along the lines of my AMD CPU not being supported. I was expecting it to spit out a more detailed report that I could use to prove my hypothesis as to why it's happening. Side note: It started happening when I broke apart one of my IOMMU groups and shared two USB hubs on it between two different VMs using the ACS patch. Seems to introduce some instability as the MCE error occurs occasionally when I have to restart the VMs. I suspect an isolation violation and one VM, or the host, is writing across that boundary between the devices since it's not actually isolated. Alternatively it could be issuing a reset command to one device and the other also restarts, and brings down the entire system with it. If I can prove what it is I can try to mitigate it (like turning off flr for that entire IOMMU group if that's the issue for example).
  4. I have the Fix Common Problems utility installed. It caught an MCE error. I noticed in the syslog it shows the error that mcelog generates. However in Fix Common Problems utility it suggests I install it? Does installing mcelog via the package manager actually give me increased functionality (like more detailed logging)? Or is the messaging insisting you install the mcelog package outdated and it already exists in Unraid by default? I don't like to install stuff I don't need.
  5. Everything was created beforehand. I now realize it's because the formatting for that Lun Id field is "fileio:test3". I was trying everything like "lun0" "backstores/fileio/test3" etc. I just needed to see the fields completed in an example to understand what to do.
  6. Actually I dug into the code and found the issue. The command to add a mapping is populated incorrectly from the UI. The command that is generated during the Mapping process when using the UI has the word "typename" where it should contain the Lun ID (ie "lun0"). Hence the command will fail every time. No wonder I was confused.
  7. I'm at a loss on how to set this up. I muddled my way through the other UI setup you all had. The new one is less straightforward. Got everything done except for the Add Map step on the Initiators page. What actually goes into the fields? Why are these not pre-populated or drop downs from the data that exists elsewhere in the plugins? I have no idea what format the Lun or Backstore name should be to enter into this form? Is there a set of screenshots where someone shows what those entries should look like?
  8. I figured it out. I turned off Resizeable Bar in the BIOS settings of my motherboard and it started working.
  9. I'm stumped. I follow this guide for Big Sur and everything is working except for passing through my RX 560 GPU. I purchased the MSI version recommend directly on Apple's site. I can access the VM via TeamViewer. But the physical monitor stays on the Apple loading screen, even after the VM has booted. It sees it in About this Mac, but doesn't seem to show all the usual properties. Display Preferences doesn't see the display attached either. I have to be missing something simple. I pass through the GPU and Audio portions of the card, tried both with and without VBIOS. Card works totally fine when attached to my Windows 10 VM. Tried both Trash Can and New Mac Pro platform types. Any ideas?