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  1. I've been swapping out parts and I think I've diagnosed this as a dying motherboard.
  2. Hello, Version 6.9.2 - Intel i3-7100, 8gb ram, Gigabyte z270x gaming 8 mobo, 7 x hdd and 1 x nvme cache all connected to the mobo. The system was running as normal last night from what I can tell but then when I got back from work today the weubgui is not acccessable and if I plug a monitor in there is no output detected so no console available. There is no SMB access from my windows machine and my router is showing unraid machine as disconnected. I rebooted the router to check and it didn't pick it back up. The machine is still powered on and the ethernet is blinking s
  3. I ran them one at a time and that did not result in the same error. The disks passed the preclear no problem after that.
  4. Hello, I got an error when running preclear on 2 new drives. The error is the same timestamp for both drives and it says "Low memory detected, aborting..." then that the post read verification failed. Is it ok to upload the log files here? I suspect that this is not the drives failing but something else seeing as both logs show the error at the same time. These were bought from ebay as refurbished so I wanted to test them before adding to the array. Thanks
  5. It seeems fine for the most part, thanks for your help.
  6. I've swapped over the cache drives and run mover after changing everthing back to normal so that my appdata and system shares are on the cache prefer. I can see there are missing Plex thumbnails now. Is there a way to force it to redownload this information?
  7. It seems there is only 1.12MB left but it won't move and the dcker service is not running. It is from Plex and Krusader (I no longer have Krusader container installed)
  8. I followed this list below from the FAQ up to the mover part. The mover log shows that the files don't exist but I can see them in MC and also in the webgui. How do I replace/upgrade my single cache device? (unRAID v6.2 and above only) This procedure assumes that there are at least some dockers and/or VMs related files on the cache disk, some of these steps are unnecessary if there aren't. Stop all running Dockers/VMs Settings -> VM Manager: disable VMs and click apply Settings -> Docker: disable Docker and click apply Click on Shares and chang
  9. Sorry I meant to say that I have it set to "Yes" so that should move it to the array from the poole?
  10. I am going to upgrade my cache drive but I can't seem to get all the data onto the array using mover. I've attached the syslog, it seems to think the files don't exist. I have the appdata share to cache prefer and it has moved everything apart from what you can see in the syslog. Docker has been stopped. Any thoughts how to fix this? Thanks syslog
  11. Thanks for the reply. This fixed the issue and I'm back up and running.
  12. Hello I've upgraded my unraid system to a Gigabyte z270 gaming 8 motherboard and i5-6500 CPU. I know my setup worked on my previous P67 motherboard and had it up and running for over a month. I'm almost certain it has something to do with the combination of USB boot settings but I can't figure out which ones to use. I have tried legacy options and UEFI options and moved the USB drive to different port. When using the legacy options it gets to a blinking cursor but I can't find it using the webui and it doesn't show up in my routers devices. I have tried all of the "emulations optio