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  1. Since version 6.8.3 or so Unraid doesn't seem to report UPS stats correctly, causing a mild panic attack after a power outage and the server immediately shutting off (everything safe thankfully!). UPS is a CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD With all drives active running a parity check or running a video conversion it always reports the following: POWER UPS Load: 10.0 % - 90 Watts UPS status:Online Battery charge:100.0 Percent Runtime left:78.1 Minutes Nominal power:900 Watts It does pull the model and serial number so I know it's communicating, but the lack of load usage and actual graceful shutdown on power loss is a little concerning. Any idea or suggestions?
  2. For server: https://barotrauma.gamepedia.com/Serversettings.xml gamemodeidentifier Sandbox/Mission/Campaign (String) - Sets game mode It will only ever start as sandbox, despite being set to Campaign unless forced from console. Connecting to console from Unraid is fine when I'm at home since I can just tab out and fix things, but if our campaign gets messed up / we wipe etc., when I'm not playing at home, that's a problem as I can't do anything without going back home. Attached my settings file if that'll help. serversettings.xml
  3. Absolutely loving Unraid in the 3 months I've been using it, especially all these ready to go servers! There's only one that has been driving me batty with a few little things I can't figure out, Barotrauma dedicated server. I've gone through all the config files I could find and much google-fu (may be weak!), but I can't seem to get it to keep a campaign game going nor have admin access when I'm remotely connected. Basically what happens is this: - Launch server from Unraid and enter command for it to create a campaign game with a few bots. - I can see it as campaign and join it *once* from LAN or remote. - Quit to menu when I'm done. - I can no longer join without shutting down the server, relaunching and forcing it to a campaign game (losing the old one if I forgot the name), Since there's no remote access to Unraid (?), this is an issue if I'm not at home and playing, or friends want to hot-join when I'm not available. - System message says game already in progress if I try to rejoin otherwise. - I've followed guides for giving myself admin access using Steam unique ID, so it *should* work when I connect from anywhere, but doesn't seem to like it from outside my network. Never run in to this issue before. TL;DR: I'm trying to get Barotrauma dedicated server to run as Campaign 24/7 so I or friends can join whenever. From what I've searched, it's supposedly possible. Server admin doesn't seem to work if I'm not on the same LAN as Unraid. A problem when not at home, or want to give friends admin. I can connect and play remotely, so port forwarding worked.