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  1. just tried that, the seed still wasn't the same
  2. i wonder if anyone can help me, i've just setup a Valheim server on unraid for my friends but i don't own the game, i've tried looking for where this docker saves the world/map etc so i can create an adminlist and stuff like that but i can't find it. i looked in /mnt/disk1/appdata/valheim and the server files are there but not the world or anything like that, can anyone help me thanks. i also can't seem to figure out how to use a specific world seed, i tried adding worldseed to the game param followed by a space then the seed but not sure it worked.
  3. root@R710-UnRaid:~# ipmi-sensors | grep FAN 36 | FAN 1 RPM | Fan | 3960.00 | RPM | 'OK' 37 | FAN 2 RPM | Fan | 3960.00 | RPM | 'OK' 38 | FAN 3 RPM | Fan | 3960.00 | RPM | 'OK' 39 | FAN 4 RPM | Fan | 3960.00 | RPM | 'OK' 40 | FAN 5 RPM | Fan | 3960.00 | RPM | 'OK'
  4. i guess i will continue to use my user script for now then
  5. i also can't get the array fan speed in the system temp plugin to show up or the auto fan control plugin working on my dell poweredge r710 sadly, just like rogales the array fan speed dropdown is blank.
  6. i managed to get the Creativerse server running pretty quickly with my world that i migrated over so thank you
  7. just saw you added the Creativerse dedicated server, thank you so much for that
  8. i'd really appreciate it, it's kind of like minecraft but not really and not made in java 😄 it's definitely it's own thing and all the maps used to be online (ran off there servers) but now it's setup so you can now not only download your existing maps and host them yourself or play offline but you can also do that with new maps and even other peoples who have set them to be available for that.
  9. now that Creativerse Definitive Edition just released they have added support for setting up a dedicated server via SteamCMD: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rAeuk7qFinUyPRJGk4x6Dim3rmQN2zoLaR3PNR0roU4/edit is there any chance you could add this to unraid like you've done with so many other server thanks 😁
  10. for sure, i'm off work tomorrow so i will test it out then
  11. i think this is a great idea and i'd love for you to add the rest of the sky factory modpacks for people who want them all running at the same time. it would be nice for you to also add the original sky factory 1 too i have them all running on mineos but i've never liked it much so i'd love to see standalone versions thanks.
  12. Phantasy Star Online is one of my favourite childhood games, i got it when it first came out for the dreamcast and i still play it now and again on my dreamcast it would be absolutely amazing if you manage to get it working via a docker i can install on unraid.
  13. the pso ones are only available to play online via private servers as the official ones shutdown a long time ago but i really do hope you can setup dockers for them so people can very easily run there own private servers because there is still a lot of fans out there including me and although i can play on the private servers that are available i'd also love to run my own. the two githubs that i have seen that may be useful are: PSO: https://github.com/fuzziqersoftware/newserv PSO Blue Burst: https://github.com/dcrodman/archon the blue burst one may also support the pc and dc versions of the game but i can't find any info regarding that, the pso server does seem to also have blue burst files but again as to what degree it works i don't know until one is set up and tested.
  14. am i able to request game server dockers here too? if so here are some i'd love to see: New: Astroneer Retro: Phantasy Star Online (for DC and PC cross play) Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst