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  1. Just passing along info as I was plagued by this error message after changing my password today. Wouldn't let me back in on multiple browsers (firefox, chromium, edge). Cleared cache/cookies. Restarted PC. Tried 2FA, Tried alternative methods to 2FA. Nothing worked just kept locking me out for 10 more mins. Randomly somewhere in the middle Edge logged in, and when I logged out and back in to verify if it was indeed fixed then it stopped working all together again. Left computer alone for ~1.5 hours and now without changing anything I can suddenly log in again. Really have no idea what was going on. When it wasn't working, I would enter username/password as usual, sign in, have the 2FA popup come up, enter code, hit enter and then be bounced back to the forums page with address However nothing would actually happen. It was as if it didn't even try to log in. Will provide feedback if it resolves or continues over coming days.
  2. Probably a long shot, but any way to control the % of overall cores/threads tdarr uses? Was hoping to have a situation where you can specify say 90% usage of all cores rather than pinning and locking out an entire core/thread. Been having solid success so far with tdarr, so thanks OP.
  3. Having a quick play with this, and the foundations look real solid and almost just what i'm after. I am curious though, any plans to add a manual scan button to the front page, and perhaps a 'start paused' type option? So we could select a single folder from the scan and start it before bed for example. I prefer to be more in control of what is happening is all, so being able to scan and encode a folder at a time without -everything- being encoded automatically would be great. Plus then I can run it max speed when I know nobody will be using it. Haven't tested this part yet as running a test encode first, but assuming the advanced options is where I could change the video quality settings under 'customer ffmpeg options' to whatever I prefer? And I could only add video preferences and audio would pull the info from the 'audio encoding' tab?
  4. Nevermind figured it out! And indeed, everything is working perfectly again on the older image. I swapped back to 'version-' with image and that did the trick for me. Unsure if it's just me, but might be worth mentioning to save some people headaches should it be an actual issue.
  5. Hrm thought this would be easy, but can't find a place anywhere in the package to enter the tag so guessing I need to manually add it as a new variable, anyone more knowledgeable than myself mind sharing how to set the specific tag to use please?
  6. Yeah suspecting it may be an issue with 10000 series? I dunno, have to spend some time getting logs for it I guess. Could have sworn I was watching a video file with it transcoding perfectly fine just the other day though, wonder if I can downgrade easily from latest version to test that theory...
  7. Hrm, anyone else having issues HW transcoding 4k HEVC HDR content? My 4K HEVC content is hardware transcoding perfectly on my intel 10400, but throw HDR into the mix and it just reverts back to software. I have the HDR tone mapping option enabled of course.
  8. Ok great to know thanks. And should I always use transfer over copy? I'm used to Windows thinking where if it fails mid copy it sometimes vanishes into the abyss so always tended to do a copy and hten delete the old data. Though I suspect the duplication of data in the array may be the reason for the transfer vs copy now i'm typing it out?
  9. Phew, started to freak myself out a bit. Thanks for the clarification. So I currently have a 4 drive array (3 storage + 1 parity) but migrating from a Windows based setup so have been doing a hard drive shuffle during transfers as it didn't have the parity setup (just used off site backups). Ideally once all the files are onto these two drives, I can then wipe and add the third data drive to the array as i'd like to have specific shares assigned to specific drives. The logic being if I set two drives to shared media I can limit spin ups on the other disk which is largely used just for backups, software installers, things I use a few times a week not multiple times a day etc. When I do those transfers, they will indeed be within the array. In those instances I should only transfer (not copy?) from disk 2->disk 3, correct? I use Krusader which is passing /media to /mnt. For within Krusader it would be /media/disk 2 transferring to /media/disk 3. Is it ok to make the corresponding folder if it doesn't yet exist in disk 3? Or should I change the shares to be disk 3 only and drag a file onto the share to get it to populate a folder itself first? Had issues with permissions in the past with various things and i'm totally new to Unraid so don't want to stuff anything up at the shares level is all.
  10. So have been migrating data from unassigned devices disk drive to the disks in the array on a new build. However, just stumbled upon multiple threads where people have been very clear telling users not to copy between disks/shares etc as it ends in disaster. My question is, does it apply for unassigned devices? I originally copied my files from unassigned to disk 1, and as that was close to filling I swapped to copying (yes copy not move) my files from unassigned to a SHARE. With the logic being, I wasn't sure if the OS needed to be the thing to create the folder on disk 2 or if I could do it manually. No worries I thought, as it's using high-tide so if I just copy to the share instead it will automatically make a folder and start piling stuff onto disk 2 (and it did). Now i'm freaking out a bit after reading all the threads. Appreciate any input and words of advice? Or is it all just related to disk->disk copies and not unassigned devices copies?
  11. Tentatively solved. Downgraded to confirm it wasn't a 6.9.1 issue. Still present. Then found C1 state enabled in BIOS, since disabling appears to be holding steady. Likely would have stopped being an issue when I swapped to a new intel setup in a few days time anyway, but posting a reply in case others stumble on this using older hardware like mine (Ryzen 1700, AB350M).
  12. Addition to the above, I just tested the power button 'graceful' shutdown when the system is responsive still and it works completely fine. Shuts down correctly no problems at all.
  13. Ok so I tried to do this, it doesn't seem to be persisting through restarts. I have it set to ->settings->syslog server: local syslog server: enabled local syslog folder: app data mirror syslog to flash: yes (temporarily to troubleshoot, not like it writes much anyway with my current setup) However the diagnostic file still clears. I hooked up a monitor and noticed when I hit the power button and it started the 'graceful shutdown' that happens it starts doing that fine then gets to 'Starting diagnostic collection...' and then just seems to hang. So I suspect that's why i'm not actually getting any useful log files? The syslog.txt file inside the diagnostics folder is only showing information since the restart, nothing before. Attached logs anyway fwiw, but really just shows recent restart and one of the failing drives (same thing happens without it attached btw, as I only just plugged it in).
  14. How do I do this when the system becomes unresponsive? I thought the log files cleared on reboot. Which is the only way I can access it, by doing a forced reboot. I installed the Fix Common Problems plugin, but couldn't find the Troubleshooting mode previously mentioned in older threads (I guess this actively wrote the logs somewhere else constantly so they'd be stored on a physical drive and not RAM?).
  15. So everything was going fine, started the extended offline test again. I could navigate to different pages, no unresponsive aspects at all. Then around ~30% or so through the test, same thing as before. Systems locks up and wont let me access anything. Can't SSH to server either. Happens with both drives tested, and one of them is brand new and passed testing no problems. Obviously not saying it's impossible for both to be faulty, but would be a hell of a coincidence. I just can't figure out what is going on, because unraid doesn't appear to power down or restart due to this.