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  1. It was an old disk with bad sectors which I removed from my main Unraid server some time ago. After an unclean shutdown that disk become unmountable and I believe now it's completely dead. Will remember for the future. As this is my test environment - there's no important data stored. I was just curious if the format also clears the Parity drive - thanks for the answers!
  2. Hi All On my test unraid server, the Data disk failed so I decided to replace it with another one and rebuilt the Array. (Parity disk was OK). After the array was rebuilt, there was an issue with the new Data disk as it was not mountable so I did use option to format it. After format has been completed the Array seems to work as before. Just one question here, does the format of the Data disk also removes all data from the Parity drive? Thanks
  3. Unfortunately I don't have this HDD anymore, anyway thanks for the tips!
  4. Hi all I had some issues with one of the HDD from the array. I run a SMART report and later I have disconnected (removed) that HDD from the server. Do you know if it's possible to somehow retrieve that SMART report for the disk which is not present in the server? thanks
  5. What is your CPU Core Voltage you have with Ryzen 1700x? I had the same issue (with Ryzen and MSI mainboard) and spend more than week to solve the issue. First thing which I recommend is to update your BIOS and make sure to apply a default settings. Then apply recommended setup as JorgeB said.
  6. How much your Ryzen 1700 consume in idle and how many HDD/SDD you have in your setup?
  7. Is Pulseway still free up to 2 instances being monitored? Which type of account has to be opened to be able to use it with tool from this topic?
  8. Quick question about Dynamix S3 Sleep from me as well. My hardware is: CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 M.Board: MSI x470 Gaming Plus Recently I have installed S3 Sleep plugin and tried to use it, triggering sleep manually so far. There are no issues in going into sleep, however when I woke up Unraid (using physical power button) dockers and VMs were crashed, as well as the array. Parity check was automatically started, however in order to have VMs and Dockers working normal I had to reboot Unraid. Is there any chance to have S3 sleep working on Ryzen and