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  1. ok will ask there. however, I have managed with your help to mount after boot. first create folder then mount thanks a lot.
  2. unfortunately i can't set the option automount on unassigned device to on. it always falls back to off. so the idea came to solve this via go file.... do you have an idea why i can't turn on the option?
  3. hello, i am desperately trying to mount my hdd on reboot, which is connected via usb. in the go file i have added the following line: #!/bin/bash # start the management utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & #mount disk mount -t btrfs /dev/disk/by-id/usb-WD_Elements_2620_57583332443330444B444850-0:0-part1 /mnt/disks/Backup_ext when i enter the command in the comado line after reboot it mounts as it should. i would be glad if someone could help me. Thanks a lot
  4. hi together, I would very much like to create a simple backup with the Borgmatic. Borgmatic is installed, all paths are entered and the init is performed. so far so good. I would now like to create a daily backup. the backup should then only new or deleted files to the backup repo add / remove. Can someone help me how I have to create the corn and config file for this? I would be very happy about your help on this. greetings kilian
  5. Hallo zusammen Ich habe nun die iobroker dockerapp installiert. Läuft soweit alles wie erwartet. Nur meinen conbee stick bekomme ich nicht zum laufen. Wie muss ich diesen mounten?