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  1. Hi, I'm having a devil of a time, and could use any insight/thoughts. I actually had it up and running flawlessly, and then my Unraid box stopped responding entirely and I did a full manual power cycle. Since that's happened, Tailscale hasn't been happy, and I don't know why. I've recreated the docker container with new appdata 3 times now. I've linked each to my Tailscale account, I have the right settings for exit node and local subnets, and the Tailscale site correctly recognizes both. However, I can only directly access my Unraid main server (192.168.4.XX) but not other devices on the .4.0/24 subnet. I use .4.0/24 for all my dockers; I like separate IP's for each, rather than a ton of different ports on one main IP. When I turn on subnet routing I can access smb shares remotely; when it's off, I can't. So subnet routing is doing something, but it's only accessing the main IP. When I try other docker containers, it fails. The confusing part is - I had it working just a couple of days ago! Any thoughts or insight would be helpful. I'm genuinely scratching my head at my ability to screw things up. Server Settings --advertise-exit-node --advertise-routes= Linked to online admin account I did the Ibracorp commands for ipv4 and ipv6 forwarding. Online Account Currently recognizes exit node and subnet routes, both are enabled personal PC using exit node of the server, local connections enabled. I am successfully using the exit node, but I cannot see subnet routes other than the Unraid box itself.
  2. Dang, I missed this deal. Don't super need Pro yet, so I'll wait if it happens again. Thanks to the admins for all you do!
  3. Hi, I'm trying to use the ddns-route53 docker, but I can't seem to find the template. The only one I can find appears to be the actual xml for unraid. Can you post a link to the relevant template? the ddns-route53.yml file. Thanks!