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  1. I just renamed everything and it works as intended. I have some time tomorrow to test it out. A bugreport is also created.
  2. Refering to his topic: If there is a space in the share name, then the mover will not transfer files from array to cache in the prefer mode. It works the other way, but nothing will go to cache.
  3. Thank you for your help. I would have ran into the same issue with cloning the share. Problem should be solved with renaming.
  4. It is called TGP Backup. I just made a new one and copy the files over. I don't know why the mover does not recognize those files.
  5. The media share works perfectly fine. I keep images of testmachines in the cache for quicker imageupdates and access. Nothing to see in the log, as far as it shows up correct to me.
  6. Interestingly enough only shares with Windows imagebackups and filehistory are affected.
  7. I reinstalled it meanwhile. I removed it and tried again, there was no difference. I even rebooted the server after uninstalling. But I can repeat the steps if it helps. Next try without plugin. Nothing happened. Also curious: When I try to use "ls" in the terminal, nothing shows up.
  8. VM's and Docker Services are disabled. The files are also not associated with it. The mover log shows just that it immediatley stops, without further information. My next step would be creating a new share in the cache and rename it as the old one...
  9. Hello, I have the problem, that when I switch shares to "prefer cache", the mover will do nothing. Mover tuning was uninstalled for testing. There is plenty of space in the cache drive (700GB free, around 100GB should be moved from the array to cache). Is there anything I'm missing? Is it a problem that the cache drives were added later? If so, how can I get the mover to transfer it anyway? Thanks in advance
  10. Sadly the sleep or "spindown (standby command for SSDs)" function for SSDs is still missing.
  11. Hello, I have no sensors available in the plugin to get fanspeed (and control), mainboardtemps or anything else. Is there somebody with this board who worked out, what the problem is? Sensors detect gives me: Trying family `ITE'... Found unknown chip with ID 0x8688 Probing for Super-I/O at 0x4e/0x4f I tried it with acpi_enforce_resources=lax modprobe it87 force_id=0x8688 but Unraid 6.9.1 gives me: modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'it87': No such device Is the driver even part of unraid anymore? Thanks in advance TGP
  12. Thank you for your help. Especially when there are multiple Pools, not all of them run VM's or Dockers. Also some SSDs like Optane can be very powerhungry, even more when using a lot of them.
  13. Does anyone know, how to get back the spindown (=standby) command for SSDs? It works with hdparm via console, but I would like to have it automatic, like it was in 6.8.3. It really messes up my idle power, since the lower powerstates for SSDs are not working, the packge c-states don't work either on my system. @limetech
  14. Hello, I have a bit of a problem with the S3 Plugin, the log shows: Mar 14 11:30:57 NAS s3_sleep: ---------------------------------------------- Mar 14 11:30:57 NAS s3_sleep: s3_sleep process ID 7685 started, To terminate it, type: s3_sleep -q Mar 14 11:30:57 NAS s3_sleep: Disk activity on going: sdb Mar 14 11:30:57 NAS s3_sleep: Disk activity detected. Reset timers. Mar 14 11:31:57 NAS s3_sleep: Disk activity on going: sdb Mar 14 11:31:57 NAS s3_sleep: Disk activity detected. Reset timers. The problem is, that sdb is spun down and not doing anything. This behaviour appears randomly on SSDs and HDDs. There is nothing scheduled (mover, paritiy etc.) or polling (sata, autofan) in one minute steps. Also the file activity plugin shows nothing. What is wrong here? @limetechUpdate: It seems that the problem has something to do with the intentionally broken SSD standby since 6.9. When SSDs are set into standbymode via console (hdparm -y), then it works as intended. Right now I'm not able to get back the spindown (=standby) command for SSDs from Unraid 6.8.3, since there is no comment or help on this decision from the developers. That's kind of a dealbreaker, since many chipsets (including mine) go into the lowest C-States, when drives remain active. Thanks in advance
  15. Hello, I am looking for a way to repair the Unraid 6.9.X configuration for hdparm. Is there a way to get acess to the way how spindown commands are made and to what drives exactly? Especially I want to bring back the standby mode for SSDs which was removed without explanation (at least I didn't find one) and I want to get it back on my own. The command via console is still working fine, but it is not send to SSDs anymore, when HDDs are spinning down. Thanks in advance
  16. I have to reopen this for 6.9.1. Since there is trouble with S3 Status not being entered, because SSDs remain active. Is there any workaround to bring back the standby function for SSDs? It doesnt make sense to me that it was removed in the first place. @limetech
  17. Interesting, so there is no energy saving for SSDs anymore? Why is there even a Spin down Button for the cache pool? I have to figure out what else is broken, since my server needs about 10W more now (from 22 to 32 idle), which is more than just the SSDs.
  18. I have the problem that my Cache Pools stays active (green) permanently. It is not possible to send them in standby with the spin down function. This worked perfectly in 6.8.3, even with the timer. My Idle power consumption is higher since I have some more SATA and NVME SSDs all without standby. Is there a way to fix this?
  19. Is there a solution to passthrough the Renoir GPU to a Windows VM by now? When I choose the Renoir GPU in the config I get: "internal error: unknown pci source type 'vendor'". I really would appreciate to use it in VMs. Also it is not possible to get a BIOS file for an APU I think... After fixing the Iommu Group I get this: internal error: Unknown PCI header type '127' for device '0000:0d:00.0' A BIOS dump of the internal gpu is not possible.