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  1. Thanks @frakman1 you just saved me a lot of frustration
  2. I recently upgraded my system to a 10th gen i5 Intel and have 16GB of RAM. On my Unraid I have a Windows 10 VM running plus Plex Server and Dockers running. CPU use isn't that high but RAM stays around 89% and when I do a few things (such as if I'm watching Plex on the Windows VM and someone else is watching a transcode) both CPU and RAM hit 100%, or Plex starts to stutter. Even if I stop watching anything on the VM but keep it running it can max out. I use a USB monitor rather than HDMI out as I use the CPU graphics for Plex hardware transcode, though the output is so blocky I'm not sure it's worth it. However the USB monitor does put a strain on resources of other machines when using it. Even if I did want to use HDMI out my main monitor is used by another device anyway so the USB-3 monitor is the best option. My question is whether getting more RAM help, ie is CPU hitting 100% because I'm running out of memory as it's hard for me to tell with the Unraid logging what is happening.
  3. Looks like the USB mode was the issue for me. Changing USB controller to USB 2 or USB 3.0 (nec XHCI) seems to have fixed it.
  4. Likewise I had Windows 10 installed and now it rarely starts. I have just tried to create a new Win10 VM in case my previous one corrupted but no luck, it keeps dying on me. I'm on 6.9.2 and have made the Tips and Tweaks change to Performance and Turbo enabled. All my cores end up reaching 100% even if I only allocated one or two, then the VM dies. EDIT: Ubuntu 20.04 VM is fine, just the Win10 one that won't work
  5. I know it's been discussed in the past but I can't seem to find a straight answer. I have SABnzbd installed on a cache drive and I have 100MBs fibre broadband. Despite this SABnzbd downloads at 3.6MBps (my test within the app says Internet Bandwidth 3.6 MB/s (28.8 Mbps)). How can I speed it up? I do share the same cache drive with VMs and Plex, though neither were in use when using it. Though Plex can slow when downloading. Thanks
  6. Thanks Trurl, even with the "?" button I was struggling to get my head around Cache pool and what it does or does not do, the terms aren't that obvious to me as a newbie.But I'm going through the Replacing a cache drive FAQ and that is making things a bit clearer to me. I found Fix Common Problems helped me understand what I needed to set to Yes cache and Only cache.
  7. Thanks Trurl, I'll look into that, my 500GB SSD arrived today so I will set that up as a cache drive, I'll look into the Unraid docs to make sure I do it right. By shares need to be set on cache, does that mean selecting "Yes" for using the cache pool? Yes I have multiple dockers and a VM.
  8. Thank you Squid. What's the best file to use to diagnose in future, is it syslog.txt?
  9. I had a Windows VM running on 6 out of 12 cores and Plex Docker (along with a Calibre and Kitana Docker) running. When I tried to load Plex on my TV and phone today it didn't work, going into Unraid the Docker and VM page wouldn't load any images and I could see my CPU and RAM were both at 100%. They've since declined from 100% but are still high. The VM stopped, Plex is still running but not accessible. I've attached the log but not sure how to read it. Likewise reading the log from the dashboard did not help. I saw messages about broken pipes and missing csrf_token but am unclear what that means. Should I dedicate cores to Plex to prevent this as it looks like the problem may have started when I tried to load Plex.
  10. Thank you, I'm new to this and had thought cache sped things up. SABNZB had told me the disk was full for the incomplete folder. Disabling cache has unblocked it.
  11. Thanks, I've disabled the CA Mover tuning plugin but had no other Mover plugins. I invoked Mover to no luck and have included my diagnostics. By the way Reduxx isn't an alt account of mine, must be someone with a similar problem.
  12. I've got a small 128GB SSD as my cache and it's full. I had Mover scheudled to run hourly and even when I hit move now the cache drive is still showing as full. Is there anything I should be doing differently?
  13. Great, thanks yes that solved that in Plex and other Docker images.
  14. New to Unraid, when I try to add new paths to Plex and other apps using the 'Add another path' setting it doesn't seem to update. I create the path and label it and then hit Apply. However when I review the Command message after hitting Apply I can see the that the path is not included in there. What am I doing wrong in setting up the paths? I had a look in the FAQs and didn't see anything.