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  1. Hi my unraid server has address / 24, gateway at, DNS - same. I have Pi-hole installed as docker as br0 and all of my network devices beside unraid are working with this as DNS server and it works flawless. However I just realized that from unraid server and from HomeAssistant docker in host mode I just can't route to this Got no idea why, looks like kind of elementary problem but where I failed? VMs can see
  2. All works good. It was cable connection issue. Beside the fact that front screen is always on with Booting... info - works way better then any QNAP firmware. I am now moving also to Unraid with my 453D model. Qnap just sucks with firmware part - overbloated.
  3. Yep, found same on at aliexpress. Bought it, will see. Looks like this is the way. So will switch to SATA at the end. I also found out that there are M2 -> SATA multipliers so perhaps next drives will go this way if needed but dont think so. As mentioned - this is plex only so even can go with some data over ethernet via network shares. Thanks!
  4. So SATA cable - I am able to pass it out as already got hole in enclosure done by previous owner. Now I need to find converter from 12V DC to SATA 3.5 power connector. Kind of tricky
  5. Ist all about power consumption and size. It worked for me for many years (its old NUC6i5SYB) and this is really good and reliable. This machine is only for plex basically. Nothing more. Got 2x NAS for storage - one Frankenstein-type (old QNAP hardware + UNRAID software) and new QNAP. There is a SATA connector but for 2.5". Any idea if I can get this working somehow? I can take drive out from USB enclosure but any chance I can find some kind of cable that would connect full size SATA 3.5" to 2.5" small sata + power from external power supply that was delivered with USB enclosure?
  6. I simply cannot connect it in any other way. Its NUC. One M2 slot for cache, other drives via USB only
  7. Yes, this was my concern. Any idea how I can check if this is the case? I can connect this to another machine - laptop, windows based.
  8. Hi I two drives in my setup 1x 12TB via USB as main drive, encrypted 1x 256GB SSD drive as cache all dockers, VMs moved to cache drive checked with lsof /mnt/drive1 - no opened files, reset read/write stats - zero movement. Spin down set to 15min but even when I try to spin it down manually - it does not respond. Apr 7 09:35:59 UNRAID emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdb and thats all. Attached diagnostics - it did 5 reads from my drive. I think I got all covered so my 3 big questions: - is this even possible to spin down when its not a full array (no parity) and it contains only one drive as array, one as cache? - perhaps this is because drive is encrypted - USB drive will not spin down as this model is not capable of doing so somehow? Any other ideas highly welcomed.
  9. Now yes. This SATA multiplier worked for me OK for years at QNAP so this should be OK. Anyway - only NTFS mounted there. Array will be built at the internal 4 drives.
  10. So it seems that its not hot-swap in my configuration. I restarted Unraid and at same time of boot started whole esata array and now its visible.
  11. Hi esata tower for 5 disks. 4 other HDDs visible (2t/2tb/250gb/750gb) and this one not. System - QNAP TS-459 with Unraid newest version. 4 drives built in and 5 drives with esata tower. Used this hardware config for few years and with original QNAP software it worked without any issues and this disk was visible. I even booted now with QNAP - all good. Only unraid does not see it? Any ideas why? How I can try to check logs for what is going on?
  12. So for TS-459 PRO this is SOLVED with upgrade to 2GB ram. No more kernel panic. Right now I just struggle with fact that it does not see all of my drives. Some from esata are not visible. I should see 4 internal + 5 esata drives in esata bay. And system sees total of 7 drives. Trying to change this
  13. This is very old model of QNAP. It does not allow to upgrade anything else - max 2GB, no CPU replacement. And what I need is for this one is only to act NAS as backup one with esata enclosure so it can see 4 internal drives + 5 esata. Set them with parity drive as one array and set up rsync server. All needed. Nothing more nothing less. Will be very happy if this will work out.
  14. Nope, even removed DOM (what was not easy thing to do as I tried without dismounting everything). And then boom - just got small enlightenment - perhaps this kernel panic is caused by 1GB of ram on my qnap... Checked min requiremenst of unraid - needed 2GB. I just ordered 2GB module and will fight back in few days. Never give up
  15. Guys, any idea how I can try to proceed? Any troubleshooting for boot process?