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  1. As noted in the changes, rc5 fixes my issues in iOS Safari browser being unable to tap links or open links in new windows. Much smoother experience on mobile.
  2. Yeah even without zooming in on an iPhone 12 Pro on iOS 15.4, it doesn’t allow tapping on the links. Wasn’t an issue for me on 6.9.2.
  3. Touch targets for menu items (Dashboard, Main, etc) still require multiple taps in order to actually work on iOS. I have my server to load the Main page by default. New for rc4 is if I try to open any other page by long pressing and opening in a new tab, it just opens Main again. the video shows me trying to tap Dashboard repeatedly and then trying to open a new tab and having it load the Main page again in the tab. IMG_0608.MOV
  4. Thanks for the follow up! Seems like its not just iOS having the nchan issue after all..
  5. Yeah I'm having the same experience. My Mac on 12.2.1 is also issue-free. Must be something new in the browser that's not playing nicely. I've also just come across this in my cache drive page Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/DefaultPageLayout.php(515) : eval()'d code on line 542 0 % --- Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/DefaultPageLayout.php(515) : eval()'d code on line 542 Full Balance recommended Performing a balance doesn't resolve the issue.
  6. Having issues viewing the GUI via an iPhone running iOS 15.4RC. 1. If the page is left idle, like to browse a different tab, for example, a popup shows up saying "nchan communication error, this page will be reloaded" 2. I am periodically unable to tap the targets for Dashboard, Main, etc. I can tap them but nothing happens. it looks like a click is registered but nothing happens. If I instead choose to long-tap and open in a new tab, it works as intended and all subsequent taps register properly.
  7. Ahh I see that now. Not sure why it would have pulled an old template, as it automatically updated last night. I don't know how that part of the process works. Now that I have them up and running again, I forced an update and it didn't pull the wrong template so I guess my issue is resolved. Weird.
  8. My server automatically updated to the latest version over night and now my tdarr and tdarr node images are gone. I tried to reinstall using my previous templates but am getting an error "docker: Invalid containerPort: nodePort." and it won't install. It is using the same ports I was previously using, so I'm not sure where the issue is. And of course after posting, I found the problem. The container is pulling two entries for Node Port, one being 8264:8264 and the other being 8264:nodePort. So there's an issue with the template being pulled down.