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  1. Thanks for that. Looks like it's only 2.1 Mbps. Welp I guess I have a decision to make to stay on Crashplan or look for something else. Thanks for all your help with this!
  2. Thanks for the reply. RIght now I'm sitting at 84,018 files (1TB) to do with 54.3 days remaining which doesn't seem normal vs what I was getting a few months ago. I do see this in the logs: 21/04/2021 07:59:01 32 bpp, depth 24, little endian 21/04/2021 07:59:01 true colour: max r 255 g 255 b 255, shift r 16 g 8 b 0 21/04/2021 07:59:01 no translation needed 21/04/2021 07:59:01 Enabling NewFBSize protocol extension for client 21/04/2021 07:59:01 Using image quality level 6 for client 21/04/2021 07:59:01 Using JPEG subsampling 0, Q79 for client 21/04/2021 07:59:01 Using compression level 9 for client 21/04/2021 07:59:01 Enabling LastRect protocol extension for client 21/04/2021 07:59:01 rfbProcessClientNormalMessage: ignoring unsupported encoding type Enc(0xFFFFFECC) 21/04/2021 07:59:01 Using tight encoding for client 21/04/2021 07:59:02 client 6 network rate 314.6 KB/sec (29841.5 eff KB/sec) 21/04/2021 07:59:02 client 6 latency: 4.6 ms 21/04/2021 07:59:02 dt1: 0.0077, dt2: 0.1264 dt3: 0.0046 bytes: 41461 21/04/2021 07:59:02 link_rate: LR_LAN - 4 ms, 314 KB/s 21/04/2021 07:59:02 client_set_net: 0.0000 21/04/2021 07:59:03 active keyboard: turning X autorepeat off. Is it basically saying my network upload rate is 314.6 KB/Sec?
  3. Ah bummer! Is there anything you think I can do or am I kind of SOL now?
  4. So still trying to find this file and it doesn't seem to exist. Have tried a clean install and same issue. My backups used to be pretty fast and max out my 40Mbps bandwidth, but now it seems like it's only uploading at 256Kbps.... Before in the past I was able to edit the my.service.xml and turn off deduplication and that would speed it up, but now it just seems like the file is completely gone.
  5. Is it just me or is there no my.service.xml anymore in the conf folder? Trying to essentially turn deduplication off.
  6. Wanted to just comment and say THANK YOU! I was having the exact same issue. Not sure why this happened and never could find an answer.