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  1. That is a much easier method to remove the old VM. I was under the impression that this configuration was supposed to be automatic. If this is the only solution to my issue, then I will probably wait to see if an update solves my problem. I looked into this but it looks like a multi hour plist altering process and messing around in MacOS is not worth that much more of my time.
  2. I tried to set this up. Initially I forgot to switch from Catalina to Big sur. After it finished downloading Catalina, I did that and restarted macinabox but the helper script still created the Catalina VM. I managed to delete that VM after some trouble and having to run the command virsh undefine --nvram "Macinabox Catalina" to allow me circumvent the error saying that there is nvram allocated to the domain preventing me from removing the VM in the webUI (this is probably the wrong way to do this but it was the solution that popped up on google), then remove the iso files, the custom_ovmf fol