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  1. Ill give it a whirl - thank you -
  2. Hi: I know I can plug in a PC USB drive and copy data to the server but is there any way UNRAID can read a Mac USB volume? Thanks
  3. Well that sucks, These are Kensington sticks so WTF? I just found one more then I guess Ill be placing an Amazon order.
  4. So I used the original key and created a new disk using the USB creator. I copied the old license key into the config folder and booted which gives me the Pro - invalid key error in the corner. I click on that and then click on the replace key button. I type in my email and then I get "Sorry, an error occurred registering USB Flash GUID 0781-5581-0001-220825111220 The error is: GUID '0781-5581-0001-220825111220' is already registered to another user" The weir thing is that then I tried it with a completely different USB stick and got the same error and then once again with a third USB stick. It been three or four years since I replaced my key so I am confused. (and out of USB sticks) lol
  5. BY three different keys I meant to say that I have tried the replace license option with three different USB sticks.
  6. Hmm. I have tried three different keys and they all say that the GUID is blacklisted. Does it matter because I am skipping several versions?
  7. I just tried that. It keeps saying that the GUID is already registered. I'm trying a new stick now. Maybe you cant use the same key twice.
  8. For some reason, my old server stopped updating and was several versions behind. Since I rarely really think about it It was several versions behind. I decided to rebuild it. I copied all my data and created a new install using the same USB key and have installed all new drives. Of course, since the license is married to the key, it will not let me request a trial so I am at a standstill. How can I obtain an updated install key? I have the old key but simply copying it to the root of the USB drive does not work. What am I missing? Thank you.
  9. Hi Guys: So I rebooted my server and it wouldn't come back up. I hooked up a monitor and saw that it was freezing on Bizroot.I Formatted the disk and reinstalled copying my config back over. The server came up fine. A few days later started acting wonky again. Other machines would constantly lose connection while copying files. I rebooted again and it didn't come back up. I could ssh into the server and issue a reboot command and it would respond but never went down. After some research and for whatever reason, I thought the USB drive might be bad and so I got a new USB Drive and requested a new key. The server is working great, keeping all connections and is, in fact, running faster than it has in a long time. Just curious but... I thought that once the server was up, it didn't need the key anymore. Why would a bad key affect performance so much if the server was already booted? It was obviously trying to access something on the key which kept causing it to freeze up all the time. Just curious - thanks, guys.
  10. Tried to get a SMART log but for some reason I can't log onto the server. Getting Connection refused. Tried it from a Mac and a PC using several utilities. Oh, well. Ill give it a try. Probably lose some data but thats what I get for not monitoring the server better. I don't use it that often and I should have replaced the 500 when it went out instead of just shutting it down. One more question, will adding the new drive in place of the failed 2TB drive when I do the new config have any advantage or just leave it alone?
  11. Disk 8 seems to want to let me reassign it but disk 10 doesn't show up at all. So lets just forget about it for now. Assuming I want to start the array by assigning disk 8 because it will let and and leave disk 10 out, what do I do? Thank you very much for your help.
  12. Thx: I'm running Unraid 5.0.6. Where do I find the SMART report? I do not have any plug-in installed. Does this mean that there is no way to read the data off the remaining GOOD drives?
  13. OK, this is a little more complicated than I thought. Running 5.0 Left my server to copy all files off so I can rebuild it. Turns out not all of the files copied so I tried to reboot it again. Turns out there are two failed disks, a 500 and a 2TB. The 500 shows up to be assigned but the server does not give me the option to start with the too many missing/wrong disk error. I can assign it and the button turns blue. I bought a 4TB figuring that I could replace the 2TB and then there would be just one missing disk after a rebuild but when I exchanged the 2TB disk for the 4TB, it says, WRONG. The first pic is how the server boots up. The second pic shows that it sees the failed 500 but won't use it. Because of their rarity, 500GB disks cost more than the 4TB drive. Do I need to replace the 500Gb with another 500GB? Is there a way to replace the 2TB with the 4TB and start the array? How can I start this array long enough to copy the rest of the data off the array so I can rebuild it. Thank you for any help. Remember this is version 5.0 EDIT: Can I just remove the 500GB from the array and then replace the 2TB with the 4TB and have the parity drive rebuild? Thanks again.
  14. Hi: I want to clear my config & Replace all Hds w 4TB drives to reduce the number of various sized drives. I am currently running 5.0 I have copied all the data to another location OFF the UNRAID server. I want to upgrade the server to the latest version and clear the config of all drives and then replace the drives as if I am starting all over with new 4TB Cache and data drives. Whats the easiest way to do this? Thanks in advance.