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  1. the name uncast is alredy used by someone else so i wont show up for me /clint
  2. is it posible to add Seaschest tool kit for seagate HDD's link
  3. the problem was TCG protection once I removed it withe the tools in Seachest they are god to go. the command i used was SeaChest_Security_x86_64-linux-gnu -d /dev/sgXX --revertSP --confirm this-will-erase-data --psid "your psid writen on the lable" if you want to check if protection is active on not run SeaChest_Security_x86_64-linux-gnu -d /dev/sgXX -i thank you all for the help /Clint45
  4. as req Best regards Clint
  5. does anyone know if unraid supports SED (Self Encrypted Drive) or am I just out of luck. I have some ST4000NM0043 and if I format and verify them on my HBA it gives me no errors but I gett errors if I tries to run Preclear on them. Best regards Clint
  6. I think I have found the problem the ST4000NM0043 is a SED drive (self encrypted drive) and I dont think unraid supports it.
  7. I will let it go and see if I can preclear it after but it takes a few Hours to run, I will update tomorrow /Clint45
  8. I am now trying this syntax sg_format --fmtpinfo=0 --pfu=0 --format --ffmt=1 /dev/sdf
  9. do you know syntax for sg_format to remove any protection? Best regards Clint45
  10. smart report as req.
  11. Are there any reson to that I am not able to preclear this drive? sg_format gives me this info if there is please let me know the syntax for sg_format to fix it. IBM-XIV ST4000NM0043 C1 EC5C peripheral_type: disk [0x0] << supports protection information>> Unit serial number: Z1Z2C4FQ0000941309K8 LU name: 5000c500579305c7 Mode Sense (block descriptor) data, prior to changes: <<< longlba flag set (64 bit lba) >>> Number of blocks=7814037168 [0x1d1c0beb0] Block size=512 [0x200] Read Cap
  12. Hi I have an old R9 270 GPU and was thinking of putting it in my unrad server, To help with transcoding Mkv files with handbreak. 1 Is this possible ? 2 Is this this the correc way to enable my Gpu for dockers Best regards Clint
  13. I have setup a share with a cache pool and set it to yes, but it only fills upp my cache and then stops the transfer. Shouldent it continue on to the array if there is no more space on the cache drive untill the mover i called for? attatched diagnostics