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  1. Hi, I recently installed Nerd Pack primarily for p7zip. I wanted to use p7zip from my webserver so I can zip something from a php script. (The php-zip function is not enough) But I do not have a good idea how to make p7zip accessible from a webserver-docker (swag in my case). I asked for help on their thread but nobody could help so far ( Thanks guys!
  2. Thanks for the fast reply! I installed it from Nerd Pack and yeah, it does not exist inside SWAG. I dont know any other way than building swag myself with p7zip inside. And I dont think I am advanced enough for this or doing this frequently after swag updates. chown or chmod also had no positive effect.
  3. Hi there, so I am kinda new to unraid and docker and I have a little problem. I run a website on swag which is supposed to pack some files into a .zip. Before I switched to unraid and swag i ran that website on apache on a raspberry and zipping some files with p7zip worked great but the performance was not - for this and some other reasons I switched to unraid and swag. I know i can not just "use" p7zip. As far as I know thats because swag does not have the right permissions. As I understand it p7zip is located at /usr/bin/. By using the webterminal I am able to see and execute 7z. When I try the same thing inside the swag-webterminal they just do not appear in the same directory. My next idea was to just copy those files into a directory which is owned by swag which worked and I am able to see those files now, but I can not execute them. If somebody has any idea how to help me with my problem - a better way or workaround or something else - I would be happy