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  1. Indeed, I just figured cloudplow deleted my UHD and HD Folders (which are shared with my dockers I think Unraid recreated them with root.) I've changed "remove_empty_dir_depth": 2, by "remove_empty_dir_depth": 3, (adapted to your architecture if you read me later). It's now fully working!
  2. I've done : 1. Fix your mount script syntax. -> Updated to last version + Delete --umask 000 (line 138). 2. Disable your mount script schedule -> Done 3. Make sure all your containers are using 99/100 umask 022 -> Done but maybe a typo : is it 002 or 022? In script it is --umask 002 \ 4.reboot your server -> Done 5. upon restart, run the new permissions tool for all shares including cache -> Done to all disk/all shares 6. Delete the transcode folder for plex if have not set it up as a user share/its on tmp -> Done 7. run your mount script ->DOne 8.start your dockers -> DOne by script. After a period of time, my HD and UHD folder are switching from nobody to root. (not the parent one neither the children folders). I have these docker accessing this folder : 2 Sonarr(1080/4k) 2 Radarr (1080/4k) Cloudplow Plex. They are all running with -e 'PUID'='99' -e 'PGID'='100' and some with -e 'UMASK'='022'. It's driving me nuts! (Sas, Teamdrive, cache, downloads, traktarr...) everything automated but stuck with a permission error dropping every day!
  3. Forgot to say, I've already tried bolognaise script and safe docker new perm. I've already in my script : # Add extra commands or filters Command1="--rc" Command2="--uid=99 --gid=100 --umask=002"
  4. Hi, Root user is driving me nuts! Since I upgraded Unraid to 6.10, I can't manage to keep my dockers working. Every docker is using -e 'PUID'='99' -e 'PGID'='100' (I've 2 sonarrs (1080-4k) and 2 radarrs, 2 syncars + 1 qbittorrent + Cloudplow). My folders are : Movies/HD and Movies/UHD. Every once a while, my folders HD and UHD are switching owner to root and then Sonarr/raddar can't import anymore! My script is updated and I think now that it's mergerfs running as root (as my scripts). What should I try to keep it working? Thank you,
  5. Great, thus I won't have to manually editing it after rebuild!
  6. Your container is using httpport 5899 for vncserver. You'll need to add -httpport in start-server.sh in order to use more than 1 docker on same network : vncserver -geometry ${CUSTOM_RES_W}x${CUSTOM_RES_H} -depth ${CUSTOM_DEPTH} :99 -rfbport ${RFB_PORT} -httpport ${HTTP_PORT} -noxstartup ${TURBOVNC_PARAMS} 2>/dev/null It's working now.
  7. Here you are : You already solved my case with NOVNC_PORT at the beginning of april. ( I've tried VNC_PORT and NOVNC_PORT Variable.
  8. Hi, I've been using 2 of your container within docker on a wireguard network container. Since the chrome update, only one container can access to internet. I'm using : NOVNC_PORT (different) on both container (redirect also on my wireguard container). RFB_PORT (different) on both container Here is throwing error (loop) : 12/05/2021 08:15:47 Using security configuration file /etc/turbovncserver-security.conf 12/05/2021 08:15:47 Enabled security type 'none' _XSERVTransmkdir: Owner of /tmp/.X11-unix should be set to root 12/05/2021 08:15:47 Desktop name 'TurboVNC: b05b8e5d5d3a:99 (chrome)' (b05b8e5d5d3a:99) 12/05/2021 08:15:47 Protocol versions supported: 3.3, 3.7, 3.8, 3.7t, 3.8t 12/05/2021 08:15:47 Listening for VNC connections on TCP port 5903 12/05/2021 08:15:47 Interface 12/05/2021 08:15:47 Listening for HTTP connections on TCP port 5899 12/05/2021 08:15:47 URL http://b05b8e5d5d3a:5899 12/05/2021 08:15:47 ListenOnTCPPort: Address already in use ---Starting Fluxbox--- ---Starting noVNC server--- WebSocket server settings: - Listen on :6001 - Flash security policy server - Web server. Web root: /usr/share/novnc - No SSL/TLS support (no cert file) - Backgrounding (daemon) ---Starting noVNC server--- WebSocket server settings: - Listen on :6001 - Flash security policy server - Web server. Web root: /usr/share/novnc - No SSL/TLS support (no cert file) - Backgrounding (daemon) ---Starting Chrome--- ---Starting Chrome--- Looks like both container are using 5899 port for http.
  9. Perfectly working ! You should add it on github or docker as env variable!
  10. Here you are : When I'm connecting to VNC within my browser (whether chrome or Jdownloader), I only get Jdownloader webui. (or the 1st container i Launched)
  11. Hi, I'm try to use 2 containers from you at the same time but I can't get them to work. I'm connecting though a VPN docker and added 2 NOVNC_PORT to 6001 and 6002. When I'm launching both container (chromium and Jdownloader) I can't get them to work. The port is not changed, thus when I go to my IP:6001 or IP:6002 its opening the same VNC (the first docker I launched)