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  1. Integrate all the interface or even a button to show virt-manager interface in menu VMS :
  2. If stoping the array and then start in the MAIN Gui page, virtual machines wont start but docker's all start, all with auto-start ON. Is this normal?
  3. OK, thank you, It's very subtil, didn't saw it!
  4. Thank's for your script, just a sugestion if you wont to integrate in next release: add _failed in the name of the failed backup folder destination for a failed backup, that way we know content may not be complete or reliable.
  5. The button 'CHECK FOR UPDATES' in Docker, plugins, ... pages of the web interface, can desapear, and the system check for updates as soon as the page is shown!
  6. I'm talking about the VM snapshot's! If not possible in real time, shutdown -> take snapshot -> boot the VM...
  7. No one off the 4 fixes worked for me, inclus. option 3: remove & install plugin. 'Not connected to mothership' continues...
  8. My sugestion and i think one of the must important updates to VM's in Unraid: