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  1. Sorry, I should've mentioned it. My UnRaid version is 6.9.1
  2. Hello! Thanks for your plugins! I have a couple of questions about the S3 Sleep plugin. I'm using it to actually shutdown the system each day at midnight. It works, however it seems it's not cleanly shutting down the system as I see quite a lot of sync errors in my last parity. I'm wondering if there's a specific need to manually stop any docker application that is running? I always assumed that the "shutdown" command (the one you can invoke manually in the regular UI) toke care of stopping the array and gracefully stopping any container that was running and so I expected the S3 Sleep plugin to work similarly. If that's not the case, can you please help me figure out what to put in the "Custom commands before sleep" field? Currently I only have one docker that is always running (Teamspeak), I'm assuming we could figure out a command that stops it in order to make sure the shutdown is clean. Or maybe there are other things to keep in mind? Thank you for your support!
  3. Reporting as promised; the parity check was completed with 0 errors. So can I stop worrying, was it due to unclean shutdown and I should double check the Sleep plugin? Maybe I really do need to manually stop the docker containers with some script? Thanks!
  4. Thanks, I'll keep this in mind. I thought it was OK as a setting (fixing right away) similarly to a chkdsk, but I see now how this might not be desirable. Speaking of errors, if it turns out to be "non-graceful-shutdown" related (which might be then caused by the Sleep plugin), should I set it up with a script to stop running docker containers? Maybe that's the issue... I assumed that the shutdown command (the same you can issue manually) toke care of gracefully stopping everything (Array included), but maybe it's not so... p.s. 25% parity check, 0 errors for now.
  5. Thanks. I'll start the parity check without correcting checks and I'll report back (probably tomorrow since it will take 8 hours).
  6. Hello everyone, I'm a new Unraid user (just bought the Plus version a couple of weeks ago). A few minutes ago a scheduled Parity Check just completed. Turns out there were 29254 sync errors it automatically corrected. The previous two parity checks were without any error and I didn't change anything (the PC done on March 30th was after I added a 2TB disk and showed zero errors). Afaik there was no unclean shutdown of the UnRaid system (it shuts itself down after a few minutes of inactivity at midnight via the Dynamix S3 Sleep plugin and I usually see no errors in the logs although they get wiped with each login). I'm a bit concerned, although the system itself seems to be working properly. I'm attaching the diagnostic. Can you please let me know what should I do and if I should be concerned? There are no discernible errors in the disks: And they all show up as Healthy in the SMART checks. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hello! First of all thank you very much for your app! I just have a small question: in order to gracefully stop the server, can I simply stop the related docker or should I always issue a "stop" command with the console first? Thanks again!