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  1. Yes. Funny thing that just now I see that the status of the backup is correct - in both of their console and the new android app. Might be they had a glitch on one of the servers holding my data .. ? I opened a ticket yesterday anyway, will see what they're saying Thanks for your help
  2. Another point that I don't want to engage with Crashplan support, as they don't like this situation with unRaid very much. They are aware of it, but we kind of violating their license, as they want us to run their client on each of the desktops, rather than backing up the server
  3. But I see same wrong (?) reporting in their web console as well
  4. But the backup was running, there were files backed up I saw in web interface in unRaid, new files. I know they are there, my wife is an illustrator
  5. Hello For last week Crashplan suddenly reports that my system was not backed up. However, when I connect to the docker, I see it works as expecting, detecting files, uploading, etc. What might be wrong? thanks
  6. Bloomberg was right I believe, and the story will die, nobody is going sue Apple. New security mechanisms probably won't be discussed in public..
  7. Bloomberg is a very serious print, and the company and people they rely on are quite capable as well. They won't risk their reputation. Apple, Amazon are denying, what should they do instead?? I hope that my X11 won't leak anything (important), I also scratch my head 'how?', but I am not a hacker
  8. Thanks, didn't see the thread, but there is no more information of what I already read. I guess, the leaks (if) are coming out of the monitoring secondary network socket, right?
  9. Hi As many of us like Supermicro - versatile, well-made and inexpensive brand to build server machines, I am questioning myself if recent reports have anything to do with our home builds?
  10. I am not a professional graphics designer. To me, as it was said also by others, UI elements do not play well in the eyes - the colors, the fonts. Regarding Release decision - you were absolutely right.
  11. I don't like the new fonts and styling. A previous one to me appealed as a more elegant option. Regarding the version, I noticed quite fast transfer speeds. Was it expected?
  12. No, probably that was in RC, now it is all the same. But I'll get used to, in the end that's just a NAS OS (in my case). The more important thing that unraid is working for me stable for more than 10 years