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  1. The bug is that the drive stays online, it should be switched off in idle after timeout I rolled back to 6.9.1 as advised here on forum
  2. Hello Did you fix the drive standby issue? -- Michael
  3. hmm, it is part of the NerdTools, and seems like I enabled it, but I don't remember why 🙂 I think I was then tried to resolve that spin-up disk issue with 6.9.2 Would you suggest to disable it? Or increase the RAM drive? but I don't know where do I define its size..
  4. I found few files at /var/log/atop
  5. it is /var/log which is limited to 100MB and it is full
  6. Which logs? where are these located? on bootable flash? there is nothing there
  7. What is this thing? All my drives including flash and SSD disk looks to me healthy with plenty of free space, what did I miss?
  8. 6.9.1 is working excellent! Now I afraid to go with 6.9.10, did anyone take care of this (or these) bugs?
  9. I started to get some errors on disk on top of the not spinning down, so I downgraded today to 6.9.1 and everything works perfectly again. I wonder why there is no quickfix for this? It is kind of breaking showstopper, isn't it? Weird..
  10. I disabled it, but it didn't help. I still see disks spun down, and then awake again. What did you mean by 'I re-enabled it' above?
  11. Hm.. I remember somebody said we should expect now more frequent releases,
  12. Thanks, any ETA for the fix? Is it expected in 6.9.3?
  13. I have same issue since 6.9.2 drives spun down, and then up. the only thing I see is smart access by the GUI layer
  14. this makes more sense to me, but I will wait then for the next version. Should I open a bug, or there is already an open one?