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  1. Whoops, sorry for the waste of time. Here is the latest diagnostics. I also noticed this in one of my remote shares:
  2. Had an unclean shutdown due to system being hung, now the parity check is running at 10 MB/s. Can anyone point me in the right direction for solving this? Running Unraid 6.11.5 on a Dell R710
  3. Ran into the same issue, fixed it by changing the skyfactory4 folder's permissions to 777.
  4. Did a little more testing. Copied files to a raid5 disk being used by the unassigned devices plugin via smb, no slowdowns. Started copying the files from the raid5 disk to the unraid array using rsync, the transfer halts during this process as well. During the transfer, the destination folder became unresponsive via SMB. Is this normal if the disks are encrypted? That's the only possible cause I can think of. Here are two examples of rsync slowness:
  5. I am moving a good amount of data to an SMB share I setup. I noticed that after copying a few files, it will halt for 1-2 minutes at a time. I checked the logs and the times line up with the same error messages: Apr 14 19:59:33 Vortex winbindd[25469]: [2021/04/14 19:59:33.834404, 0] ../../source3/winbindd/idmap_hash/idmap_hash.c:115(idmap_hash_initialize) Apr 14 19:59:33 Vortex winbindd[25469]: idmap_hash_initialize: The idmap_hash module is deprecated and should not be used. Please migrate to a different plugin. This module will be removed in a future version of Samba It spits those two lines out 4-6 times and halts the file transfer. I'm on version 6.9.2 2021-04-07. Any ideas?