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  1. Wow! Still an issue 10 months later! You're welcome. Glad it resolved for you.
  2. 😀😉 He didn't help by misstating the first console command he sent to check the NIC status as the same as the one that addresses the issue. Fortunately he actually did know what he was doing. 🙂 Wouldn't be anywhere other than frustrated without his efforts.
  3. OK. This works for me so far with onboard NIC. 😎 (Based on the OP's experiment in this thread. He's asked MSI for help a couple months back, but apparently to no avail so far.) Fortunately we can easily add the required code to our go script. Add following to /config/go . # Enable WOL if needed (i.e. for MSI X470 Gaming Plus). ethtool -s eth0 wol g
  4. Been Googling off and on for two days. 😅 Think I just found a work-around. Testing now.
  5. Yes. Latest BIOS version 7B79vAF. Released less than a month ago. I always update the BIOS when assembling a new build. You're correct in that there had been similar issues with WOL not working with various hardware 5-10 years ago. That's actually why I originally got the Intel NIC EXPI9301CTBLK which enabled WOL with earlier boards but unfortunately does not so far with this X470. Thought we were past this issue by now.
  6. I haven't been able to get WOL to work with an older Intel NIC on the X470 either. Don't know what the Intel chip is offhand, but it worked with AMD X370 and A85X boards. Are there actual reports of WOL working under LInux with Intel i210-T1 NICs on X470 boards?
  7. By now have you, Marc_G2, or anyone else actually tested WOL with an Intel I210-T1 (I210-AT chipset) NIC on the MSI X470 Gaming Plus? I'm in the middle rebuilding my server with this board and just realized that the WOL issue with the onboard NIC exists. Really don't want to drop another $45-$80 on another NIC if it won't solve the problem.
  8. I found an issue with the new UNRAID 6.6.0 Dynamix Black Theme. White text on the Server Layout plugin Data screen does not display properly against the screen areas with white or light backgrounds on this theme.
  9. I typically use this plugin to backup key data to hard disks for offsite storage. It works very well for the most part, but the challenge comes in recognizing whether adequate space remains on the backup disks as the data on the server grows. So I've been tying to figure out how to use the plugin's AVAIL variable in my scripts to both log and notify the webgui as to the amount of space available when the disk is mounted and how much remains after the backup is completed. My scripting skills/knowledge are pretty minimal and so far I haven't been successful. Advice would be very much appreciated
  10. Since no one else has been reporting the issue, could (likely) be completely unrelated to the update. (See logical fallacy: post hoc ergo propter hoc) When I have had similar issues with S3 sleep not recovering properly it has been related to overclocking, specifically the bus-clock. If you aren't overclocking then it also might be hardware related; e.g., power supply no longer delivering adequate standby power, or failing RAM or motherboard. You might want to do some hardware testing. Edit: To clarify, the S3 sleep overclocking related issues I was referring to were wi
  11. DUH! I'd completely forgotten about that with the passage of time since I first set up the plugin after UnRAID 6.0 came out. Unfortunately the setting location isn't particularly obvious or intuitive. The good news is that it looks like that is solving my issue! So thanks! My theory about the non-array drives was wrong. Even with them removed, after a wake-up the plugin was still continuing to treat the cache disk as active. It was only working correctly before the first S3 sleep was initiated. Setting the plugin to ignore the cache disk seems to be solving
  12. Previous version is not compatible with unRaid 6.4.x If you enable the debug log, you may be able to find out why the current version is not working for you. I have mine set to log to Flash. You can view the log in the logs directory of you flash drive. \\TOWER\flash\logs\s3_sleep.log I don't see any setting to ignore cache drive. If it is possible I would like to know how.
  13. Set the Tunable (poll_attributes) to 180 (~3 min). Shutdown. Reinstalled the hot-spare disks in the cage. Rebooted. Left server do it's thing (idling). Drives spun down. Sleep plugin script did it's thing. Server went to sleep. However, woke server with WOL, played media for an hour using only one disk. Left server idle. Disk that was in use spun down. Then same issue as before. Tue Feb 13 17:43:10 EST 2018: Disk activity on going: sdd Tue Feb 13 17:43:10 EST 2018: Disk activity detected. Reset timers. Tue Feb 13 17:44:10 EST 2018: Disk activity on going: sdd
  14. OK I'll give it a shot. I'm dubious though because the plugin was consistently logging that the cache was active for hours at a time (like all night and then some), when nothing should have been happening. So difficult to understand why polling every thirty minutes would not have been sufficient to update the status correctly.