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  1. No, I did not. At this point I don't have it in me to deal with more cmos resets. I've also been dealing with another issue that affects this board on unraid (kernel panics and lock ups every 12 hours or so). This board and unraid have been a bad combo so far.
  2. Same. I'm assuming you have unraid load igpu drivers for hw transcode? Once those drivers are loaded, the motherboard disables vga, which is connected to the IPMI for ikvm. See here for a broader discussion on that:
  3. Here we go again. Before I could get to my server, it's locked up again. Barely lasted 12 hours. No br0 static IP containers. I have a couple on br0.10 vlan. "host access to custom networks" was enabled iirc. Here's the last of the log sent to remote syslog before the crash: May 1 13:35:22 Tower kernel: BUG: unable to handle page fault for address: 00000000ffffffae May 1 13:35:22 Tower kernel: #PF: supervisor read access in kernel mode May 1 13:35:22 Tower kernel: #PF: error_code(0x0000) - not-present page May 1 13:35:22 Tower kernel: PGD 800000061069f067 P4D 800000061069f0
  4. Thanks, that's what I was going to try next. Btw do you know which nic is the one shared with ipmi? Is it the igb one or the e1000e one as shown in unraid gui?
  5. I was on a Supermicro X9SRL-F board with an old Xeon E5 and no issues on 6.9.2. I just swapped the mobo with a Supermicro X11SCA-F and every few hours I get a kernel panic and the nf_conntrack message. It locked up once yesterday (no console, no ssh access, etc.) and required a hard reset and parity check. Today I moved the 2 containers off of br0 into br0.10 (vlan) and 2 hours later I got the kernel panic again (no lock up, though). I have 2 network interfaces bonded in this case. Here's the message: Apr 30 19:36:53 Tower kernel: -------
  6. Yeah, I spent way too much time on way too many cmos resets. I finally got it to a state where it seems to be stable (after several power cycles). At least now I have ikvm access to bios and can see most of the unraid boot process; and hw transcode works. I guess I can live without console access over ikvm.
  7. As a last ditch effort, I tried to bump the memory limits under graphics settings to see if it would fix the black screen issue with onboard oprom set to efi, but now it is getting stuck on PCI enumeration before you can get into bios. I officially give up. Going back to legacy boot with everything else legacy and pci primary set to onboard. At least I'll have bios access and most of the boot process on ikvm (modprobe is the last line in the go file). I don't have it in me to clear cmos and start over one more time.
  8. Hey guys, I just got the X11SCA-F and put in an E-2146G. It came with bios version 1.4. I followed all the advice and directions in this thread and nothing seems to let me have ikvm and /dev/dri at the same time. And there is one specific change that locks me out of all video output (even bios) and forces me to clear cmos and start over. Perhaps this bios version is really buggy. Here are my general observations: By default, boot is set to "dual", which should allow both legacy and uefi. When boot is set to "dual" or "legacy", most everything e