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  1. Thanks for the tip - I went with a user script triggered by array start. That way if I add other steps I want to occur then, I just amend the script. Worked great.
  2. @jonathanm To make sure understand your idea, do you mean set up a user script (via plugin) to copy my 'powerout' script from a drive to the /etc/apcupsd directory on boot? As i understand, the script has to be located there to be triggered by apccontrol.
  3. I've got a separate machine plugged into my UPS, and I created a net rpc shutdown script (./powerout) to trigger from the powerout event within apccontrol. It works great - once. After testing (unplugging the UPS and letting everything shutdown as expected), when I restart the UNRAID server, the script is simply gone. So is the copy I placed in ~. #Confused. Any insight appreciated.
  4. It's working now with the server IP address instead of the name. Despite that I could click and select the server and the share, the log showed the error that it could not resolve the server name on attempting to mount. The server name did show up twice in the pick list (it has two IP addresses), so that could be part of the problem.
  5. That did the trick! Thanks.
  6. Thanks. The error was ""Mount of '//XPS8930/Music' failed: 'mount error: could not resolve address for XPS8930: Unknown error '."" I changed the server name to the IP address and it worked. Might it be because the machine has multiple NICs and IP addresses?
  7. N00b question here. I've got a Plex Server Docker running smoothly, and I thought I'd share some music on my Windows desktop with Plex. I've set up a local Windows account called "plex" that has read permissions. Via the UD web UI, I can click through the Add Remote SMB share dialogs and pick and select the share. When I click on the orange "mount" button, it blinks grey, then goes back to orange. I never see the mount name under /mnt/remotes/. Ideas appreciated. I'm sure I'm missing something basic.
  8. I feel like I'm missing something basic. New to Unraid and Docker, but not SABNzb and Sonarr (used them on Windows machines previously). Sonarr is not seeing/copying/moving downloaded files. Help please? Thanks in advance! Container basics: Sonarr config SABNzb config