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  1. I know that's why I never changed it. I'm not quite sure if it's the architecture of the Haswell CPU that's limit the VT-x when changing the governor? Tried it a few days ago on "power save" and it didn't worked. As I know there wasn't any big updates.
  2. @Josh.5 @ich777 I finally figured it out! The problem that i was facing, that i wasn´t using the GPU fully, i changed a long time ago in Unraid the CPU scheduler from "on demand" to "powersave". Changed this back and now the GPU goes out of its idle state in the docker when its beeing used.
  3. @Josh.5 nice to see some new updates from you. I'm trying the Epic store right now with the Heroic Games Launcher and realized that the docker is missing a Wine version natively. Maybe you could add this in the next update. I passed through my peripherals (mouse and keyboard) and it works perfectly, only needed to remove some lines in the extra parameter. My only problem still is that my gpu states that it is throttling even if I change the power mode in the x server driver. So this seems not to be a problem with your docker.
  4. I got my display working. The container uses the HDMI port of the card. The docker set the refresh rate to 120 HZ which my monitor can't handle over HDMI. So now I only need to get the card out of idle mode and I don't now what is causing this.
  5. You can connect a real display but don't need to switch to the output. The container regognized the display for my site so you could change the resolution if you want or you buy maybe a hdmi dummy plug works really well.
  6. Because I'm outta town right now a friend of mine is testing the card. Only wanted to give the info back that the output is mirrored. Will probably take another look at the weekend why I'm having problems with that
  7. I have not tested yet, but it should be yes. @ich777 card is mirroring the output if connected to a real display so this works
  8. So driver downgraded changed nothing for me. Display connected gets regognized by the card itself reports fine but won't output. Is there maybe a parameter for that?
  9. HDMI dummy is connected but I will connect real display maybe that helps. Will report back if the output is mirrored when connected to a display @Josh.5
  10. The card works in every other container fine. Will switch the driver to test it. Would like to set up an VM but can't pass it through, CPU not capable of VT-d only VT-x. That's why I chose this container in the first place.
  11. @ich777 I quickly set up [email protected] to test if the GPU is working in docker. It is running now around 90% load, core clocks seems fine, power usage looks good. So this is working.
  12. Yes I'm sure I will take a look later at this again. I got an VM but only for homeassistant right now. CPU could be but shouldn't in an GPU only benchmark. I played this games last year before I started studying with an gtx 970 with no problems. I'm remembering now that my CPU is not capable of IOMMU guess this might be the problem. I will try to force the power state later on to get this thing out of idle state. Never seen something like that too.
  13. Steam Play or noVNC doesn't seem to make any difference
  14. Diagnostics .zip atteched hope thats right. Benchmark is unigine heaven but the problems occur even in games like Garry's Mod, GTA V, .. The card that i'm using is the RTX 3070Ti FE. Nvidia Driver installed card regognized. Inserted in the docker. Docker is seeing the card, shows up in the x-server which is installed. Reports seems fine when utilizing the card with like tdarr. All dockers turned off to remove maybe conflicts doesn't seem to help. Probably something simple which i'm overlooking
  15. It looks like the gpu is not changing from idle to power mode. I'm in p3 power state when running games or benchmarks, gpu is throttling because of idle state wattage only around 50-55w. Load around 20-30% clocks range from 550-1000mhz core clock. So it seems like the gpu is not really getting passed trough? Am I missing something?