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  1. Sorry to bother. Are you still having this issue? Do you use a reverse proxy usually? Thinking it was my reverse proxy, I've tried Nginx, NPM, and Caddy, and they all take about 2 minutes per page. EDIT: All is good. Somehow I had the network mode set to bridge, causing this delay.
  2. That's so strange. I have a pretty standard-fare Nginx config. Mind sharing your raw config? I'm not familiar with NPM UI. As @mikel632 said, the linuxserver image doesn't have this issue with the same reverse proxy config. Here's mine
  3. Hi, I'm having this same issue with this particular image. It takes ~2 mins. to display the login page through an Nginx reverse proxy, but is instant when accessing locally. Any ideas?
  4. First post, wanted to share. Made with the My Server plugin in mind.