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  1. I just solved this issue using btrfs repair. This was my last resort before going for a full reformat of the cache pool, so I would recommend attempting everything else first and also backing up your cache pool before attempting this. I started the array in maintenance mode, then ran the following command (targeting my specific device, /dev/sdg1): btrfs check --repair /dev/sdg1 It seems like it worked and everything is back to normal including my docker containers. Again it seems like this isn't a tested method, so use with caution and ensure you have a backup before
  2. Hi, while I was updating a few docker containers, my entire docker process froze up and I wasn't able to start or stop any containers. I attempted to delete and recreate the docker image folder, only to get "Read-only system" errors. I then attempted the solution provided here with no luck (ERROR: error during balancing '/mnt/cache': Read-only file system): I checked my cache disk log and saw the following errors as well, but haven't been able to find any solutions to attempt to troubleshoot these: Jun 18 17:25:40 MediaServer kernel: BTRFS error (device sdg1): una