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  1. It would appear that you, sir, are correct! Copying everything over now. Thanks again for all your help! Time for a 2nd parity drive, methinks.
  2. Oops, thanks for that! That worked! Still doesn't mount though Jul 5 08:59:29 Unraid kernel: XFS (sdc1): Corruption warning: Metadata has LSN (1:22491) ahead of current LSN (1:2). Please unmount and run xfs_repair (>= v4.3) to resolve. Jul 5 08:59:29 Unraid kernel: XFS (sdc1): log mount/recovery failed: error -22 Jul 5 08:59:29 Unraid kernel: XFS (sdc1): log mount failed Jul 5 08:59:29 Unraid unassigned.devices: Mount of '/dev/sdc1' failed: 'mount: /mnt/disks/Hitachi_HDS723030ALA640_MK0311YHG033ZA: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdc1, missing c
  3. @JorgeB & @trurl - Thank you both for your help! My folder is back and I'll be going through now to see if there are any missing files. Lost+Found only has about 600KB of total stuff in it, and no important files that I recognize or can really see the contents of in notepad.
  4. I might have evidence now - It won't mount in unassigned devices - says it has a dup UUID. I haven't done what it suggests yet (running xfs_repair with the -L flag) I running xfs_repair -nv on it is not going well.: xfs_repair -nv /dev/sdc Phase 1 - find and verify superblock... bad primary superblock - bad magic number !!! attempting to find secondary superblock... .found candidate secondary superblock... unable to verify superblock, continuing... .found candidate secondary superblock... unable to verify superblock, continuing... .........................................................
  5. I have no evidence yet - I'll definitely be investigating. I do still have the old drive, although it's unseated slightly from its hot swap bay. It's weird - when the rebuild of that first disk was happening, the error count on that drive shot through the roof. I noticed a bit later on that the drive was actually showing up in both the array AND unassigned devices at the same time. I didn't do anything at that time other than let the rebuild finish. I then unseated it when I replaced it in the array. Also xfs_repair appars to have done the trick! I'll be going through and
  6. So there are movies in the media share on a bunch of other disks that are completely fine, but if i navigate to \\unraid\media\movies, that folder in the share appears empty, but browsing the individual disks, the files are there. the other folders under the media share appear to be unaffected - just the Movies folder appears affected. I'll certainly look @ ddrescue though, much appreciated!
  7. So yesterday, I was ready to swap in a spare drive to replace one that was starting to throw SMART errors. I'd already moved all files off of it, so there was no real risk of data loss - or so I thought. After I replaced it, during the 10 hour rebuild, another drive started throwing hundreds of thousands of errors during the rebuild. This drive contained a few dozen movies in my media share. Not really knowing what else to do, I let the rebuild complete, which it did overnight. I then replaced the newly failed drive as well and then let that rebuild complete. Now, it would appear that my
  8. I'm not familiar with the boxes you're talking about. Are we talking something like a pi running one of those distros? or is this a different device? I wasn't aware that the cpu on the pi could handle something like that.
  9. I mean, I'd call myself an unraid novice, sure, but I'm certainly not a novice to this sort of hardware - just not used to applying it for personal use. I've been in this space professionally for something like 15 years now. I did end up up going away from a smaller case and skipped ahead a couple levels and picked up a supermicro 846 4u chassis (24 hot swap bays) with a full sized atx motherboard (w480 creator) with the w-1290p. RAM is ECC - I figured this may be a "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" sort of situation. I was originally looking for a Rosewill 4u ch
  10. Did you ever get an answer to this or figure it out? I'm looking at this case and given the impossibleness of finding a Rosewill case in the US, I'm considering paying $100 to have it shipped to me. It looks to me like you should be able to fit two hot swap cages in place of the two fans on the left and a third cage rotated 90 degrees in place of the three 5.25" bays. Does that not seem to be accurate?
  11. I'm now leaning more towards ECC. ECC isn't crazy expensive, so I should probably just do it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure I suppose. So that said, I guess I'm now leaning towards the Supermicro X12SCZ-TLN4F for the 10 gig ethernet & ECC support.. Although it has fewer SATA ports, I'd ultimately have more room to expand with an additional SATA/SAS controller and still have a port left over for more expansion (additional storage or a GPU). ASRock Rack does make mention of a 10Gbe variant of the W480D4U in the manual called W480D4U-2L2T, but a search of the internet s
  12. Huh, I'm seeing that the W-1290p is pretty much identical to the 10900k, but with ECC support. If ECC isn't super important for Unraid/ZFS, maybe a 10900k would make more sense. After doing some reading though, there seem to be a lot of folks on both sides of the fence. Ultimately, the data I have isn't super critical and anything that is critical is backed up elsewhere.
  13. After spending the last couple of days exhaustively reading posts and documentation on all things Unraid, I think I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on my first Unraid build. My use case here would be Plex (with GPU transcoding), media storage, Homebridge, Pihole, and who knows what else I'll discover and tinker with - maybe chia storage. It also needs to be quiet. I don't have a dedicated server closet - this all just sits on a rack in my office closet. This thread specifically took up quite a bit of my time yesterday and I was fully on board with an E-2278G(or E-2288G), but t