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  1. Lost my first disk again. This time i didn't restart before extracting the diag Thanks in advance for your help h4b2-diagnostics-20210727-1936.zip
  2. copy that ! 25 years of windows ... some automatisms. Will made this tomorrow morning with clear mind. Hope it will not happen again but duly noted.
  3. I just came home to see this After reading some post with the same problem comunity asked for smart report and diag Made a diagnostics but i don't know what should I look for inside and the 2 smart report from parity disk and disk 2 Thanks in advance for your help h4b2-diagnostics-20210712-1938.zip h4b2-smart-20210712-1041.zip h4b2-smart-20210712-1042.zip
  4. Hi , i'm new to unraid and i'm stick with goodsync too. I have 1 linux nas V10 licence and 1 V10 windows and I don't know how to make it work.
  5. Used a part of my week end to test UNRAID a little more. Question is : why did I keep a slow synology for so long ? Okay their is still thing that will take me a lot of time to set up because I'm not a linux power user, but choosing my own hardware for my need is just so great. I will keep the 2x250 NVME as raid 1 in the pool for VM and docker with backup on the 10TB . Is it useless to use raid 1 with a backup ? I will follow the general advice to keep the 10Tb inside the array with shares and disk exclusions as proposed by chatnoir. Like this I will have 2 disks runing (parity and 10tb) all the time ? I will try to dig up a Sata SSD 120 or 250 to cache the 10TB and use as a temp folder for some docker or VM (ripping for example) Does someone know a good app/docker to rip CD to FLAC and blu ray to ISO or MKV ? Or will I need to use my actual software in my windows VM ? I can't add my blu ray drive to the actual setup (N40L) Will it be OK ? Does the blu ray drive will count as one drive for the licensing ? Thanks in advance
  6. Made some digging in my basement: Hp N40L running 5 disk WD green 1TB ( 4 are OK , 1 with a warning) 1SSD OCZ vertex series 60gb // my very first SSD from 2009 , i think a green disk is faster today 😅 For now 2x1 Tb + 1x1 Tb for parity ( in progress will take a few hour) I will look further this week end because i can't do anything else during parity calculation with this dinosaure 😁 I understand where was the biggest part of my mistake. On synology the cache is "invisible" it's not a storage place : you can't put a share on it. After watching the space invader part 3 video I still don't know how i should use my 10TB regarding what i was initially planing : Inside the array or use it like an unassigned device with share and use plugin to backup my VM/Docker on it ? Can the second options let me split easily in 2 differents rig without any parity re calculation ? I put the existing array inside another computer with fresh install. I made the 10TB my main array in another one ? For example : - One very low consommation and power server for the media storage; maybe I can even keep my N40L for this - One war machine with full NVME SSD and why not put my quaddro P2000 inside of it to remove my CAD computer and only keep a Microsoft surface pro 7 and a remote deskopt. EDIT : still looking for a temporary cloud to transfer everything
  7. I want half of the SSD for storage. The other half for caching the 10 TB disk only 1/10th of the 10TB for VM and docker . It will also be my "daily" working disk (that's why i need caching on this one) - my documents (sync in the cloud) - blu ray ripper work in progress. - torrenting - ect...
  8. Nope it's DDR3 ont this MB https://www.gigabyte.com/fr/Motherboard/GA-H170M-HD3-DDR3-rev-10#ov
  9. I think I don't understand properly how the array and the pool are working. What i was planning was something like following (because of my synology experience) but maybe i'm totally wrong. Array 1 : My cold storage (3x12Tb with futur expansion) => I have no backup of this. Only one parity disk for the "security". I won't really lose anything in case of a major crash : I stil have all my CD/DVD/Bluray/4K. It will be weeks of hardwork but not risky. No need for caching because i don't need any performance if I can read at the max bitrate of any movie. This part is totally isolated from the working storage, i can remove all the disk and put them inside anorther computer with a fresh unraid install if more space neede in the futur. Array 2 : Working storage. => 1x 10TB + 2x250GB NVME - 2x125Gb NVME + 1x125Gb from 10Tb HDD for docker, VM,ect => in my head it was a 2 disk parity - 2x125gb NVME Raid 0 for write/read caching the rest of the 10Tb HDD - Important files on the HDD are cloud sync + off site backup + external backup Array 3 : optionnal (already on my old synology) -2 WD Purple HDD for security camera Can you tell me which disk is in the array and which one is in the pool because i'm totally lost. I think i need to dig up my old HP N54L in my basement to made a few test will old HDD and SSD
  10. After reading several posts , i think the one array only is my major concern about my usage. I don't want to run unraid inside an unraid VM and buy a second licence and usb stick. Maybe i should go with an OMV in VM for my entertainment storage in raid 5 by passing thru the disks but i don't know if it will work properly with hibernation when IDLE.
  11. Up . Still looking how i will split my array for my "cold" storage (movie, music, documents) to stay IDLE ou spin down and keeping full performance for VM and docker. Still looking for a cloud storage to switch from xpen to unraid.
  12. Hi Everyone. After using synology NAS for many years, I tried to made my own synology (you know what i mean) for better Cost/performance ratio. (and because i can keep my array without a lot of effort) I was not totally satisfy with this because a lot of thing: - Having my main NAS on a hack ... - Can't use nvme SSD - Can't put the drive to sleep. - Be ultra carefull before each minor version upgrade Now i'm looking for a dedicated NAS OS (unraid, OMV, truenas) HARDWARE I want to keep my actual hardware (baby incoming in a few weeks) MB : ga 170m d3h with I3 6100 RAM : 2x4 GB DDR3 Non-ecc Case : Node 804 PSU : Old corsair CX 400W HDD : 3x12TB (mybook desktop outside their case)+ 1x10Tb ironwolf pro SSD : 2x 250gb NVME (1 on MB/ 1 inside https://www.amazon.fr/Adaptateur-Express-dissipateur-Chaleur-Ajustement/dp/B07S63RT67/ref=sr_1_33?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=carte%2Bradiateur%2Bm2&qid=1622452875&s=computers&sr=1-33&th=1) MY NEED What i do today. - Store a lot of movie with plex : Direct play from a shield TV 95% / 5 % transcoding 2 user max 1080p or 4k - Store my music . Direct play via Upnp from my stereo - Docker : Jeedom, octoprint, adguard, bitwarden, watchtower, and maybe i forgot some other small ones. - VM : Win 10 with some software i may need when i'm away from home. - I want to move an old external blu ray inside the node 804 to rip my own movie because i keep and old computer only for that. I will add more disk later because i can't stop buying 4k blu-ray and CDs I just started reading about Unraid a few hours ago and i think understand that you can make only 1 big array or am i wrong ? What I was thinking before reading about unraid : - raid 1 of half the 2 ssd NVME for VM/Docker - 2 x half of SSD as Cache for the main array - SHR or equivalent for the main array - Find 1 or 2 good cloud storage provider to back up the important file. (VM and docker conf + my personnal file) Do you think my hardware will be enough (it was with xpen) ? How will you configure my array regarding what i wrote before ? Any other things I need to know/do before starting a trial ? Like pre clear HDD because my MB is a gigabyte. Do you know any large storage cloud where i can store all my data for a month during the switch ? Thanks in advance