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  1. So, to add, the server would also be about 10' away from the main gaming rig with the KB/M wireless connections and a longer HDMI cable for the smaller monitor. I'm assuming I would need to run Windows in VM in order to run the game stream via capture card and also a video cam input. For Plex, I don't imagine running 4k transcoding for at least another 1-2 years, and won't have more then 2 concurrent streams (95% of the time probably just 1). Hopefully this helps narrow it down a bit. I've been looking at a lot of threads, and it seems that the builds are all over the place.
  2. So I've had issues booting back into my unRaid since attempting to move from 4.7 to 6.x, seems my MoBo no longer wants to boot from USB (only USB 2.0, flash drive is good). My current build is in my sig. I originally built unRaid for simply a NAS for movies and music. I want to now build a new unRaid system to allow for the same storage, video and music streaming to any device in the house, as well as video capture and game streaming to services like Twitch and Mixer (gaming would be on my gaming PC or XB1 and captured and streamed via the server.) I know I'll have to replace just about every component, so what would be the recommendations? I obviously don't need a heavy gaming CPU/GPU but still not sure what's needed in the media server side in terms of transcoding etc. If you guys need additional info, ask, and I'll reply as soon as I can. Trying to keep it reasonably priced as well.
  3. VampyreGTX

    Long time gone - need upgrade advice

    I'll take screenshots later tonight. The USB is no longer booting up. (stops after displaying the HDDs present during the early startup, and then hangs on the Verifying DMI Pool Data. If I manually select the USB to boot up from the F12 boot menu, the system just reboots when it gets to that same point rather than hanging. I have a gigabyte mobo, which is known to have USB boot issues, but I've been running this for 6+ years without a problem. I'll probably start a new thread focusing specifically on this problem later when I have a chance.
  4. VampyreGTX

    Long time gone - need upgrade advice

    And of course, attempted the upgrade, and can't boot up my USB drive. Get hung up on the DMI Pool Data hangup, when I manually select the USB to boot to, the system crashes and resets right at that point, doesn't matter if it's 4.7 or 6.6.x now. Sigh....
  5. VampyreGTX

    Long time gone - need upgrade advice

    Wow, that's impressive. Not sure I'd ever need to support other households, but that would be kind of cool. I'll read through those link for sure, and I'll be honest that I've never played around with VMs but I've always been interested. To support the other 'households', what type of internet connection do you have and what's the u/l speeds? The more I'm reading up, the more I realize the unRaid has come a LONG way since I was really into it back then. Shouldn't have slipped away and stopped keeping up.
  6. VampyreGTX

    Long time gone - need upgrade advice

    I currently run plex server on my high-end gaming PC, so transcoding is no issue with the specs on that. It just pulls from the unRaid as the storage. I just was hoping to simplify the setup, since I now need the server running, the gaming PC, and then whatever I'm streaming to, be it Roku, the XB1, etc. So I'll probably start with the new oS, can I jump directly from 4.7 to a clean install of 6.6.1 . I'll start budgeting to upgrade the Mobo and CPU(s) then, and memory.
  7. VampyreGTX

    Long time gone - need upgrade advice

    Is my current setup that bad there's no help!? LOL
  8. VampyreGTX

    Long time gone - need upgrade advice

    To add, I currently use it solely as a storage server for movies and my iTunes library. I plan on possibly looking into VMs and transcoding with Plex, however, I may use my gaming PC for the transcoding aspect, not quite sure how to run that whole setup yet.
  9. I"m currently running unraid 4.7..., been running find for over 6 years in all (not sure which version I started with, but was 3.x I think). I've finally started to look into moving up to the newest version and actually making use of unraids other features, including making it a plex server, among other options. Here's my current (old) build: GIGABYTE GA-MA785G-UD3H AMD Semprom 140 (unlocking 2nd core was unsuccessful ) G-Skill 2x1gb DDR2 1066 PC2 8500 CORSAIR CMPSU-650TX 650W PSU  Drives: Parity: Hitachi 2TB 7200RPM Data: 1x Seagate 2TB LP; 1x 1.5TB Seagate LP, 3x Maxtor 1TB So yeah, the tech is a bit ancient, but was curious if it would still suffice with simply upgrading the drives to newer ones with larger capacties. Also, what do I need to know in terms of going from 4.7 to the newest 6.x build? Thanks!
  10. VampyreGTX

    Advice on Mobo upgrade

    I currently simply use it for my media storage server, no real add-ons at the moment so no need for additional 'oomph' from the CPU. Probably will stick with this and go with the 4TB drives. Thanks all!
  11. VampyreGTX

    Advice on Mobo upgrade

    Hmmm... Thanks Gary. I've been out of the hardware loop for a little and wasn't sure how the new 4TB drive fit in... I may just give that a try. What 8-port card would be best for this situation? Though if 4TB drives work fine, I may not have to upgrade for awhile. I would just replace all the drives with 4's, essentially bumping me from my current 6.5 TB's to 20TB's.....
  12. VampyreGTX

    Advice on Mobo upgrade

    Whoops! I accidentally deleted the mobo in my specs list above! It's the GIGABYTE GA-MA785G-UD3H I wont mind updating the CPU and RAM. I don't believe the board has any support for the newest 3-4TB HDD's.
  13. VampyreGTX

    Advice on Mobo upgrade

    Here's my current setup: My system with this board is: AMD Semprom 140 (unlocking 2nd core was unsuccessful ) G-Skill 2x1gb DDR2 1066 PC2 8500 CORSAIR CMPSU-650TX 650W PSU Drives: Parity: Hitachi 2TB 7200RPM Data: 1x Seagate 2TB LP; 1x 1.5TB Seagate LP, 3x Maxtor 1TB I'm looking to upgrade the Mobo to allow 3-4TB drives, as well as SAS connectors. (I have the NORCO 4220 case with the SAS backplane. I've been browsing the boards, but want to see what would be considered the best unRaid board for easy, quick upgradeability to 4TB drives, and hopefully SAS, including the capability to easily keep adding drives.
  14. VampyreGTX

    Realtek 8111E kicking my b*tt

    Thanks guys! Forgot to add, plug cable into new NIC card as well in there lol
  15. Wow, unbelievable on how heated this has become! I view it as such, I have a Norco 4220, and could run up to 40TB of data in the current iteration, with 3tb, I could expand that to 60TB of data. BUT, would I want that with a possibly unstable 5.0? Let's get 5.0 up, let's ensure it's stable through a first, full build, and then start looking at 3TB drives. That is a LOT of data that can be lost. I don't feel like re-ripping 100+ BR's cause I have a failure and lose an entire drive or two of data. But, that's just me.