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  1. I think you will have to use "app password" for that. There is information here. https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185833?hl=en Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  2. My HDD temperatures are usually around 35-38C depending on make and model. I have two (one in and one out) 120mm fans in the HDD chamber. The two side panels are identical except for the lower screw hole which means that they can not be switched without minor modification (two new holes). The top panel is a lot different from the side panels and can not be located elsewhere.
  3. Hi! I am using the Node 804. Did you have any questions regarding the case?
  4. I haven't seen any 5TB IRL so no info on them, but the middle mounting holes has been omitted on the 8TB's. There is an image earlier in this thread that depicts this.
  5. The information about the Define R5 is incorrect, the HDD-sled will align with the Seagate Archive 8TB mounting holes.
  6. You would need to restore from backup in that case.
  7. Yes, but that those values are the same on all Seagates (or at least most recent models), it's not because of internal testing. Thanks, that was the answer I was looking for! @itimpi and @skylark: It was a 3-cycle preclear.
  8. Thank you Johnnie! So I interpret it as the drive came with the attributes this way, close to the threshold, from Seagate and just barely passed internal tests for e.g. end-to-end error.
  9. I have seen these near_thresh statuses on a couple of reports in this thread. Do any of you guys know if these values are common for the Seagate Archive drives, anyone that observed them in the array for a while and know if they will get worse? --------------------------------------- Preclear Successful Total time 195:12:12 (USB3 enclosure using the preclear plugin and "normal" script with slower post read, 3 cycles performed) Pre-Read time 19:02:30 (116 MB/s) Zeroing time 20:01:25 (111 MB/s) Post-Read time 40:00:08 (55 MB/s) --------------------------------------- ================================================================== 1.15 = unRAID server Pre-Clear disk /dev/sdo = cycle 1 of 1, partition start on sector 64 = Disk Pre-Clear-Read completed DONE = Step 1 of 10 - Copying zeros to first 2048k bytes DONE = Step 2 of 10 - Copying zeros to remainder of disk to clear it DONE = Step 3 of 10 - Disk is now cleared from MBR onward. DONE = Step 4 of 10 - Clearing MBR bytes for partition 2,3 & 4 DONE = Step 5 of 10 - Clearing MBR code area DONE = Step 6 of 10 - Setting MBR signature bytes DONE = Step 7 of 10 - Setting partition 1 to precleared state DONE = Step 8 of 10 - Notifying kernel we changed the partitioning DONE = Step 9 of 10 - Creating the /dev/disk/by* entries DONE = Step 10 of 10 - Verifying if the MBR is cleared. DONE = Disk Post-Clear-Read completed DONE Disk Temperature: 43C, Elapsed Time: 195:12:12 ========================================================================1.15 == ST8000AS0002-1NA17Z Z840EE0V == Disk /dev/sdo has been successfully precleared == with a starting sector of 1 ============================================================================ ** Changed attributes in files: /tmp/smart_start_sdo /tmp/smart_finish_sdo ATTRIBUTE NEW_VAL OLD_VAL FAILURE_THRESHOLD STATUS RAW_VALUE Raw_Read_Error_Rate = 118 100 6 ok 180295208 Seek_Error_Rate = 77 100 30 ok 4346424698 Spin_Retry_Count = 100 100 97 near_thresh 0 End-to-End_Error = 100 100 99 near_thresh 0 Airflow_Temperature_Cel = 57 77 45 near_thresh 43 Temperature_Celsius = 43 23 0 ok 43 Hardware_ECC_Recovered = 118 100 0 ok 180295208 No SMART attributes are FAILING_NOW 0 sectors were pending re-allocation before the start of the preclear. 0 sectors were pending re-allocation after pre-read in cycle 1 of 3. 0 sectors were pending re-allocation after zero of disk in cycle 1 of 3. 0 sectors were pending re-allocation after post-read in cycle 1 of 3. 0 sectors were pending re-allocation after zero of disk in cycle 2 of 3. 0 sectors were pending re-allocation after post-read in cycle 2 of 3. 0 sectors were pending re-allocation after zero of disk in cycle 3 of 3. 0 sectors are pending re-allocation at the end of the preclear, the number of sectors pending re-allocation did not change. 0 sectors had been re-allocated before the start of the preclear. 0 sectors are re-allocated at the end of the preclear, the number of sectors re-allocated did not change.
  10. The problem in this case is that only two holes can be used unless an adapter is manufactured. This has to do with the way Fractal Design drive cages are designed. I think the intention is that they should not block airflow and to achieve this on the Node 804, they only use the top and middle holes leaving the lower third of the drive outside the cage. I think that the Node 304 will suffer from the same problem but the drives are mounted in another orientation in that case. I also think that the Define R5 drive sleds will have similar issues but for the holes underneath the drive.
  11. Thank you! I have thought of another possible workaround as well. The PSU is located underneath the cages and it should be possible to design a "bumper" which could be placed on top of the PSU as support for the "2-hole mounted" drives. This could help avoid "rattling" by adding a little upward pressure if/when moving the cage.
  12. I think that using only 2/4 mount points would work as long as the case isn't moved a lot. The adapter that jonathanm suggested can work as a more stable long term solution.
  13. The hdd is bigger than the cage so no way to add holes. http://tmz-media.com/images/reviews/fractaldesign/node804/the_mod_zoo_review_fractal_design_node_804_20.jpg
  14. I think the Node 304 will have problems with the mounting holes as well...