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  1. ok login on my server plugin works after 30 minutes trying, Thanks for your time
  2. made the changes on my backup server, that server login works fine, after that i wanted to login to the my server plugin on my main server and there the new login doesn't work. Thanks
  3. hi, had to change my password for my servers, needs 12 characters now, don't know why, did it and now i can't login with one of my servers, please fix this
  4. Fixed, had to do a complete powercycle, power off and back on, sorry
  5. Fixed, had to do a complete powercycle, sorry
  6. Becouse of New version 6.11.2 my sata card is no longer recognized even after a roleback to version 6.11.1 please fix this, my server is down now !!!
  7. plex is working again, people please check your nvidia drivers after updating to rc3, this was the reason why plex stopt working on my server
  8. plex stopt working after updating to rc3
  9. unnecessary appdata folders cannot be deleted, not with Cleanup Appdata or krusader and not in windows, how can i delete the folders? onnodige appdata-mappen kunnen niet worden verwijderd, niet met Cleanup Appdata of krusader en niet in Windows, hoe kan ik de mappen verwijderen?